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Faculty Development Center
Faculty Development LogoThe mission is simple; the FDC is here to assist you, the faculty member, in implementing new technologies into your courses. They will explain all the benefits of implementing new technologies into the learning process, show you all the tools that are available today, enable you with the skills needed to implement your vision, and make every attempt to insure you have all the right tools for the job.
Help Center
Help Center LogoIt is the Help Center's mission to provide first-level computing support to the University Community. The Help Center specifically provides support regarding the use of the FirstClass email/conferencing system, UMaineNet (residence hall network), WebCT, software applications and operating systems. We are also an excellent resource for the detection and removal of computing viruses and operating environment recovery.
Media Services
Audio Visual Services LogoMedia Services provide A.V. equipment for classroom and departmental across the entire Campus. They also, in cooperation with the Faculty Development Center, provide support for classroom equipped with such technology.
Networking LogoNetworking assists with setting up, installing, and running Novell, AppleShare, Windows NT, and UNIX networks, accessing the campus-wide network, and the World Wide Web. Networking also offers a connectivity program, UMaineNet in residence halls.
The Telecommunications Department provides telephone and voice messaging services, copper and fiber optic inter-building connectivity, cell phones, network connectivity, video conferencing, calling cards, and other related services to the University of Maine community. Telecommunications supports over 6,500 telephones at the University of Maine as well as over 150 telephones at the University College of Bangor campus of the University of Maine at Augusta. Browse the Telecommunications home page to learn of the other services provided in addition to your dial tone.
Video Services
Video Services LogoVideo Services provide satellite programming to any of the 20 classrooms which have been added to the campus cable television network. These classrooms also receive selected Education Network of Maine and Department of Education feeds and many cable channels as well. They also provide videotape duplication services with broadcast quality equipment for video tape recording and dubbing in VHS, S-VHS and 3/4" U-matic SP formats.

Other services

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Computer Clusters
Computer Clusters are scattered across campus for the convenience of both students and faculty. There are a variety of clusters available including public clusters, classroom clusters, and "Internet Access Points".
Equipped Classrooms
Enhanced Classroom Resources is a site providing faculty members, students and University guests with a comprehensive directory of equipment and classrooms specifically designed to add multimedia content to courses.
Workshops & Seminars
The Faculty Development Center (a division of Information Technologies) offers technology seminars and workshops to the University of Maine faculty and staff. All workshops are conducted at no charge. We provide all the necessary equipment, software, and materials. Most events will take place in a new IT Faculty/Staff Training Facility in 149 Memorial Union at 2:30pm-4:00pm, unless otherwise specified.

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