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Getting Webspace

Setting Up a Class Web Page

Many professors set up websites to put course material online for easy access by students. The easiest way to create a class website is to use FirstClass. To request a class website, please email Andrei Strukov on FirstClass. Once your request is processed, you will be sent an e-mail with detailed information about how to manage your course website. For more information about class web pages, contact the Faculty Development Center at +1(207)581-1925.

Setting Up a Group or Department Web Page

Student groups and University departments can request space on the umaine.edu web server. To do this, fill out these two forms: Account Request Form, Link Request for A-Z directory

Personal Webpage

Personal pages typically take very little space, and may contain some photos, a resume, biography, and other information you wish to share with the world. There are many different options for where to store your personal page. Some of the most common solutions are listed below.

Every user of FirstClass has 50MB to store files, mail and a web page. The address of your webpage will be www.umit.maine.edu/~firstname.lastname, for example: http://www.umit.maine.edu/~andrew.davis
Your ISP
If you have service at home through an ISP such as Adelphia, GWI, Verizon, etc., you probably have a certain amount of space to store a web page. Contact your ISP to find out how to use this space.
Free/Pay Services
You can buy webhosting for a rather low price now-a-days, usually amounting to less than $100 a year. Our suggestions are BlueHost, DotEasy, or DreamHost. Some like DotEasy even have a free service.

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