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Welcome to Mechanical Engineering

Dear Students, Prospective Students, Parents and Visitors:

Welcome to the Mechanical Engineering Department,  University of Maine.  Our Mechanical Engineering Department offers quality engineering education to students and develops innovative technologies, creative thinking, and engineering leadership experiences for our students to equip them with expertise and knowledge to improve the quality of life of people, to improve life on earth and to address the State of Maine, The United States and the world’s complex problems and needs.

Our alumni have brought a lot of honor, distinction, visibility and contributions to their Alma Mater Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Maine.

The Mechanical Engineering  Department has active educational and research programs and along with an ABET accredited  Mechanical Engineering B.Sc. degree we also offer exciting educational and research and academic programs leading to the Master of Science (M.S.) and Doctoral (Ph.D.) degrees in Mechanical Engineering, as well. We also offer a 5-year MBA program in collaboration with the Maine Business School that offers our ME students two degrees after 5 years of study, one a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering and another a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree in the Maine School of Business (5-Year MBA). We also offer a Minor in Robotics (Robotics) as well as a Minor in Biomedical Engineering (Biomedical Engineering) as well as a Concentration in Aerospace Engineering( Aerospace Engineering). We also have an active CO-OP program. For the detailed course work on Robotics Minor see (Robotics Minor, Courses) and for detailed course work on Biomedical Engineering Minor see (Biomedical Engineering Minor, Courses)

If you are a prospective student or parent you can find information about these programs in the links on the right side of this page.  There you can also obtain information about our faculty and staff, our laboratories and other facilities, courses, and activities. Current students will also find links containing useful information on curricula, course prerequisites, and course web pages.