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Welcome to the Hoverbike Project

The University of Maine Mechanical Engineering Department requires all seniors to take a senior design class. In this class, seniors are required to draw upon all of their past academic experiences. Our group decided to create a Hoverbike for our project. Through the five major components (Design, Acquisition, Fabrication, Assembly, and Testing) we will be using our Strength of Materials, Aeronautics, Statics, Dynamics, Electrical Circuits, Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics, and Controls courses.

Design Phase - We will spend the first semester making Solidworks and Matlab models of the Hoverbike. Solidworks will involve finite element analysis, and Matlab will be used to construct the control system. One of our major goals is to keep the Hoverbike under 254 pounds so that anyone could use it without any special certification.

Assembly Phase - After the design process is completed and all parts have been acquired or fabricated, we will start assembling the frame, drive train, and get the propellers spinning.

Testing Phase - We will perform preliminary tests on various parts, such as propellers, as they become available. After the Hoverbike is completely assembled we will do further rigorous testing to perfect our design and control system.

The senior design project should help us integrate into the real world work force. we will have to demonstrate leadership, management, and teamwork. This project, being highly complex, should prepare us for any future projects we might work on after we graduate.

About the project - A Hoverbike has a simple lift off process in which one needs to increase the thrust via a throttle grip similar to a motorcycle. To move forward or backward a combination of thrust and air deflection would make the Hoverbike able to move in such directions, Turns could be done the same way as moving backward and forward but also tilting it or simple air deflection.

Applications - Film, Search and Rescue, Aerial Survey, Wildlife and Parks, Aerial Cattle Mustering, Military, Emergency Services, Power-line Inspection, and Many Others

Final Concept