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This capstone project is aimed at designing and building a human powered vehicle to compete in the ASME Human Powered Vehicle Challenge. From the ASME HPVC rule book, the objective for this competition is:

“To provide an opportunity for engineering students to demonstrate application of sound engineering principles toward the development of fast, efficient, sustainable, and practical human-powered vehicles.”

During the competition, the team will be scored on the design of the human powered vehicle, innovation in the area of human-powered transport, reliability of performance, speed, and practicality of the overall design.

As part of this challenge, we need to be able to develop a vehicle capable of coping with the everyday tasks any other fossil-fuel-powered vehicle. We have to design a vehicle that is capable of:

o   Coming to a complete stop while maintaining complete stability of the vehicle.

o   Accommodating small parcels.   

o   Clearing road debris/obstacles such as a speed bump, rocks, or branches.

o   Turning within a 25 foot radius and completing a pre-determined obstacle course.

o   Completing all tasks listed above while maintaining driver safety and vehicle control.

 Our group has decided to make a faired recumbent vehicle to compete in the ASME competition. Since this will be the university’s first HPV team in over 7 years, we have decided to concentrate our vehicle design toward the speed and endurance events of the competition. We may be a small, new team to the competition, but by focusing on these two aspects, we hope to ensure that an individual event title is within our grasp.

If you want to learn more about the competition you can click here. To learn more about the team check out the About Us section, and if you want to know more about the vehicle we are building then check out the Vehicle section. 

Stay tuned as there will be much more to come, including design updates and drawings, construction photo's and videos, and hopefully some succesful testing reports!

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