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Off-Grid Laundry and Heater

Justine McGray and Tiffany Rackley

Senior Design Capstone

The Off-Grid Laundry and Heater is a multi-purpose off-grid laundry machine. The user pedals a stationary bicycle to turn the inner washer drum and a DC generator. Laundry is put into and taken out of the drums through a door located at the top of the drums. Water and detergent are poured in through the door, and can be drained by opening a valve, allowing the graywater to flow into a collection bucket. The graywater can then be reused to fill a toilet tank or (if the detergent has no phosphorous) water a garden or lawn. Air is heated as it flows through a passive solar heater located outside (on a sunny wall or roof). The air then enters the house and can be directed into the drum for drying or routed through the house for heating. Multiple gear ratios are incorporated to allow variation in the speed of the drums for better washing and drying, and to allow changes in resistance for ease of use.

The user will benefit in several different ways:
- useful exercise in the privacy of their home
- passive solar heat
- a 'green' way to do laundry
- cheap clean electric generation