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Start your UMaine Engineering degree close to home.

2 Start in Brunswick
+ Finish in Orono
2 UMaine Engineering

Love small classes with a specialized, hands-on approach to math, science and engineering? Consider UMaine’s nonresidential program in Brunswick, Maine. Combine innovative, problem-solving curricula with affordability and convenience. Completing two years of coursework in Brunswick automatically enrolls students to finish a B.S. in civil, mechanical, electrical or computer engineering, in Orono at the University of Maine – College of Engineering. From day one, Brunswick Engineering students are UMaine Engineering students. Scholarships are available.

UMaine’s Admissions Office:


  • Students are admitted automatically to UMaine Engineering
  • Integrated curriculum – smaller classes and an integrated
    approach to learning math, science and engineering
  • Project based – taught in the context of engineering so
    that students can successfully apply this knowledge to solve engineering problems
  • Full Time (or nearly full) Students
  • 4 degree programs – specifically designed for students who want to be civil, computer, electrical, or mechanical engineers
  • 2 + 2 program  – 2 years at Brunswick + 2 years at UMaine Engineering
  • UMaine faculty – taught by professors recognized nationally for their expertise
  • Alex Friess – Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering; Director of Brunswick Engineering Program
  • Michael P. Davis, Lecturer of Mechanical Engineering; Brunswick Engineering Program


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