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Graduate Programs - 5-Year MBA

Go Black Bears

Keep Your Black Bear Pride Going by Earning an MBA

This program provides UMaine non-business degree majors the opportunity to complete the MBA program in one academic year by attending full-time, post baccalaureate, by incorporating the MBA prerequisites during the span of the student’s undergraduate career.   The 5-year plan is an aggressive schedule that should be undertaken with careful consideration by applicants willing to make a commitment to such a plan, ideally commencing their freshman year, incorporating two summer terms during their undergraduate degree program, and while earning a B- minimum in each of the MBA prerequisites.  Pursuant to the bachelor’s degree, students then attend the MBA program full-time, starting in the summer (recommended) or fall and attend full-time in order to graduate with the MBA in one calendar year pursuant to earning the baccalaureate degree. The MBA is a 39 credit hour program.

Students must first file a declaration of intent form (below), be endorsed by his/her current faculty advisor, and then schedule an appointment with the MBA Director.  Candidates must have and maintain academic good standing (cumulative GPA 3.2) in their baccalaureate program.   Students should work closely with the MBA Director and their current undergraduate academic advisor and plan accordingly.  Candidates for MBA matriculation must formally apply to the Graduate School in their late junior year and meet all other admission requirements, including taking the GMAT.

Important:  In the late junior year or early senior year of the student’s undergraduate program, providing the student is in academic good standing with his/her business prerequisites, maintained a 3.2 GPA, has formally applied to the MBA program and has been provisionally accepted to the MBA, the student may enroll in up to two MBA courses.  Graduate courses do not substitute for undergraduate courses in the student’s current program of study to satisfy credit hours needed to earn the bachelor’s degree.

5_Yr MBA Declaration of Intent Form_Rev C (PDF)

Sample, 5-Year, Undergraduate+MBA Program of Study (PDF)

The benefits of earning an MBA include:

  • Higher earning potential
  • Opportunities for career growth within many industries
  • Superlative business knowledge and skill sets
  • Leadership
  • Understanding strategic management and sustainability in business
  • Professional growth and development
  • Understanding risk assessment, human resource management functions, cost v. benefit analysis
  • Earning the respected, MBA credential from an AACSB accredited Maine Business School

The Maine Business School is proud to partner with the following Schools/Departments:

To get started, schedule an appointment with:

Dr. Richard Borgman
Director of MBA Programs
Maine Business School
The University of Maine
5723 DP Corbett Business Bldg, Rm 209
Orono, Maine  00469
Tel: 207-581-1973

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