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Due to inclement weather, Fogler Library and the Student Recreation Center are closed. An update on when classes and other normal operations will resume will be provided by 6 a.m. Wednesday, Jan. 28.

Memberships & Day Passes - Membership Rates

Day Passes - Includes Adult Day Pass and Child Day Pass.
Full Memberships – Terms include Semester, 12-Month, and Perpetual.
Specialty Passes - Includes 30-Day Pass, Early Bird Facility Pass, Punch Pass, Wallace Pool Pass,
Maine Bound Indoor Rock Climbing Wall Pass, and UMaine System Voucher
SilverSneakers and Silver & Fit for Retirees - FREE memberships for some retirees! Do YOU qualify??
UMaine Employees – Does your bargaining unit qualify for FREE unlimited-visit Voucher Passes?  Find out here!

Full MembershipFull Membership benefits include:

  • Use of the New Balance Student Recreation Center and Maine Bound Adventure Center, and open recreation access to the Wallace Pool.
  • A wide selection of free adult group exercise classes
  • Ability to rent a locker at the Rec Center, and/or have a free locker rental at Wallace Pool.
  • Ability to reserve racquetball and tennis courts.
  • Reduced-fee access to any fee-based Group Ex classes, Fitness programs, special events, and services such as personal training, equipment rental, Maine Bound trips / courses, races, and other events
  • Equipment checkout (for basketball, volleyball, racquetball, etc.)
  • Free parking (please refer to Parking and Public Transit Information for details and exceptions).

Free Guests – Beginning January 2, 2015:

Anyone who does not already have a Membership or Specialty Pass can visit any of our facilities at no charge twice in any 12-month period. In using this privilege, Guests agree to abide by all rules and policies of the facility, and will return all checked out equipment in good condition or pay related repair/replacement fees. Please note that this replaces our previous policy of each Member being able to bring in a certain number of guests per semester or year. Photo ID and signed liability waiver are required in accordance with our standard policies.

  • Guests may participate in fee-based group exercise classes by purchasing a Drop in Pass for the class.
  • Guest must sign the Liability Waiver prior to using any facility.
  • Guests are not eligible to participate in Intramural Sports or Sport Clubs.
  • Guests aged 13 or younger must follow the age guidelines listed in our Family Use Policies.

Eligibility – Full memberships may include the member, member’s spouse/partner, and member’s dependent children (< 25 yrs) all living in the same household.  Please review our Family Policies.

Cancellation  Policy – Please visit our policies page for details.

Membership Rates
Membership Term Individual Adult Add’l Age 14+ Add’l Age 5-13 Add’l Age 0-4 Payment Options
UM System Employee,
Retiree, or
Corporate Affiliate
Semester (3-5mo) $32/mo $4/mo $2/mo FREE! Up Front, UM PayDed
12-Month $352/yr or $32/mo $48/yr or $4/mo $24/yr or $2/mo FREE! Up Front, PayDed, Monthly by Visa/MC
Perpetual $32/mo $4/mo $2/mo FREE! PayDed,
Monthly by Visa/MC
Semester (3-5mo) $42/mo $4/mo $2/mo FREE! Up Front
12-Month $462/yr or $42/mo $48/yr or $4/mo $24/yr or $2/mo FREE! Up Front,
Monthly by Visa/MC
Perpetual $42/mo $4/mo $2/mo FREE! Monthly by Visa/MC
Fall or Spring Incl. In Enrollment Fees F/T $124, P/T $74 $4/mo $2/mo FREE! Up Front
Summer Incl. In Enrollment Fees or $74
Other Student * Fall or Spring $150 $4/mo $2/mo FREE! Up Front
Summer $95
* Other Student = Non-UM College/Univ. Student, or High School Student.  Student Photo ID required if aged 17+.















Partner = Domestic partner as allowed by UMaine’s health benefits definitions. Notarized affidavit (see link) required for all members who wish to add a domestic partner or spouse with different last name.
UMS Employee = Click here for eligibility.  NOTE: “temporary” UMS employees are not eligible to use Payroll Deduction.
UMS Retiree = UMaine System retiree.  (Are you a UMS retiree who is Medicare-eligible?  Email Kristie Deschesne or call 581-3479 to find out if you qualify for a free membership under the “SilverSneakers” program!)
UMS Alumnus = An official graduate of the UMaine System.
“Perpetual” Membership: Your membership will automatically continue until you cancel it!  Please note that a $75 early cancellation fee will apply if you hold this membership for less than one year.  See our Membership Policies for further details.
Payment Terms for Monthly Payment Via Credit/Debit Card: When the membership is processed, you will pay up front for the current month. After that, on the first business day after the 1st of each month, your credit/debit card will be charged the full amount for that upcoming month. If the charge is declined, your membership will be suspended until the payment is made at the front desk.
Payment Terms for Payroll Deduction: To use UMaine Payroll Deduction, members must spend a minimum of $50 in at least one category (Membership, Locker, and/or Other).  A small selection of Corporate Affiliate members may use Payroll Deduction, but only for a Perpetual Membership.
Discount for Up-Front Payment: If you pay in full up front for your 12-month full membership, you get a $32 or $42 discount depending on which affiliation category you’re in!

UMaine Students:

  • Students who are enrolled for at least one on-campus class, who have a MaineCard, and who have the Rec Fee on their bill, should have had their membership automatically added to their household in our database.
  • Students who are enrolled only for online classes, and therefore do not have the student fee on their bill, may come to our front desk and request to have the fee added (please allow 3-4 business days).
  • For the first semester after graduation, UMaine students are eligible to purchase a one-semester membership at the full-time Enrolled Student rate, under the “Student – Fee Due” membership type.
  • Students may add secondary members under the same rules as any other member.

Beyond what is listed in each descriptions below, no other facility use, benefits, or discounts are implied or given with these passes. Specialty Pass Holders will pay the non-member rate for any Campus Recreation programs and services that carry an additional charge.  PARKING: Please refer to Parking and Public Transit Information.

30-Day Membership: Includes use of all Campus Recreation facilities, but no locker rental privileges (free day lockers available).
Individual Adult -
$42; Add’l Age 14+ - $4; Add’l Age 5-13 - $2; Add’l Age 0-4 - FREE.

Early Bird Facility Pass: Early Bird Facility Pass holders may use the Recreation Center only, and are limited to Monday – Friday from 5:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.  Includes any free group exercise classes held during that time.  Includes locker rental privileges.  Semester Early Bird Passes must be paid in full up front; monthly charge is listed only because semesters vary in length from 3-5 months. 
12-Month –
$225; Semester - $20/month

Punch Pass:
Entitles the holder to use the Rec Center (including free group exercise classes) during all hours of operation, as well as the Maine Bound Adventure Center and Wallace Pool during open recreation hours. Each individual facility use is considered one punch on the pass. Punch passes are transferable and multiple punches may be used at the same time.  Punch Passes entitle the holder to purchase a FitPass.  Unused punches expire 60 months from date of issue.  No locker rental privileges (free day lockers available).  Must be paid up front, or by UM Payroll Deduction within one semester.
20-Use – $100; 50-Use – $250.

Wallace Pool Pass: Entitles holder to swim during any open swim times at Wallace Pool, located in the Memorial Gym.Includes Memorial Gym locker rental.  Open swim times are currently Mon-Fri from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
12-Month – $135

Maine Bound Indoor Rock Climbing Wall Pass:  Details available here.  Please note that all Campus Recreation Full Memberships include access to the climbing wall, as does the 30-Day Pass and the Punch Pass.

Membership rates and policies are subject to change.  If rates differ on printed marketing materials vs. online, online rates will be used.


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