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Campus Recreation

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Fitness Programs & Personal Training - Personal Training Services

** The cost of non-members’ Daily Guest Passes are included in the non-member fees detailed below. **

PLEASE NOTE that Personal Training Services are non-refundable but may be transferred to another person before the expiration date.  If transferred, services must be used before the expiration date.

Personal Trainer Biographies

FREE Equipment Orientation: Our trained Fitness Attendants will show you around the facility, giving you detailed information on the use of any piece of equipment in the building.

Fitness Assessment: The fitness assessment is a very important tool to benchmark one’s current fitness levels in order to develop accurate exercise recommendations, establish reasonable fitness goals, chart progress, and determine current health status. After gathering this information, results will be interpreted and provided in a professional report for you to keep. 
$21; Non-member: $28.

Fitness Consultation: One of our Personal Trainers will give you advice on the most effective and efficient ways to attain your fitness goals. A Fitness Assessment is not required prior to this service.
Member: $15; Non-member: $22.

Body Composition Analysis: A body composition analysis, which is included in a Fitness Assessment, is a means of discovering the percentage of body fat an individual has. You are given your results and interpretation within minutes. Member: $12; Non-member: $19.

Individual Personal Training: A personal trainer is involved in developing and applying effective physical activity programs to help individuals achieve their personal fitness goals. Modify your physique, improve your overall health, obtain your optimal health and fitness ambitions, and receive a fitness program on session completion. A Fitness Assessment is required before any Personal Training services may be rendered.

Individual Personal Training Member Non-Member
1 Session $32 $39
3 Session Package $78 $99
5 Session Package $113 $148
8 Session Package $179 $235
12 Session Package $243 $327
20 Session Package (best value) $363 $503

Buddy Training: Sign up for sessions with a friend and enjoy personalized training at a lower price in a comfortable setting. A Fitness Assessment is required before any Buddy Training services may be rendered. Rates below are per person and there is a two-person maximum.

Buddy Training Member Non-Member
1 Session $21.50 $28.50
3 Session Package $61.50 $82.50
5 Session Package $84 $119
8 Session Package $134 $190
12 Session Package $181.50 $265.50
20 Session Package(best value) $271.50 $411.50


Personal Trainer Bios: Meet our trainers and find the right one for you:

I like to challenge my clients to help them realize how much their body can really do while having fun, engaging workouts. I will motivate you to get you where you want to be! I have experience running races from 5ks to half marathons. I like working with clients of all ability levels, and will make workouts specific to your goals. I’m an ACE certified personal trainer majoring in Nutrition with 8 years of cheer leading background.
I firmly believe that you reap what you sow.  Results are earned at the gym, and in the kitchen.   I look forward to helping in any way possible. I, also, believe that success in made from failure.  Everyone falls down, but the strong ones never stop getting up. Some of my greatest experiences have been with health/fitness, it has become a cornerstone in my life, and I would love to help you discover the same passion.
I have experience and knowledge in weight loss, strength, and conditioning training as well as improving overall athletic performance. I want to help you develop an overall appreciation for fitness and a motivation to always reach higher! I will work closely with you to help you achieve your goals. I strongly believe that you can do anything you put your mind to, and I will be there every step of the way.
I will push you to work harder than you ever imagined.  I will be proud of you, but more importantly, you’ll be proud of yourself. I am a Kinesiology student who loves to fish, hunt, swim, and do anything else outdoors.
You could say I walk a fine line between being your best friend and your worst enemy. I’m a friendly drill sergeant that wants nothing more than for you to be the best you that you can be. I believe everyone can make physical gains and lifestyle changes if they’re willing to put in the dedication, effort, and time. I’ll be there to show you that when you’re giving your all, you can always give a little bit more. As a DI athlete I’ve dedicated my life to the constant improvement to my over all fitness and maintaining a balanced healthy lifestyle.
I will use a variety of training techniques (strength, cardio, flexibility) to make your exercise program both enjoyable and successful. I will bring my personal experiences and what I have found to work into our program, especially if weight loss is one of your goals. We will work together to make this experience benefit you not only physically but also your overall mental and emotional approach to life.
Everyone can reach their goals! I will stand in your corner to support you every step of the way! I have a B.S. in Exercise Science, and was a 3-year state qualifier in swimming.
Fitness has been a lifestyle of mine since I was 15 years old. I am incredibly enthusiastic about maintaining a healthy way of life! I love seeing progress. I pride myself on frequently changing exercises within the program to optimize results. I am not afraid to be firm and give you the extra push. I will motivate you in any way that I can. I am an ACE certified Personal Trainer, majoring in Kinesiology.
My goal is to make exercising a fun and beneficial experience for everyone. I believe exercise helps improve quality of life physically, emotionally, and mentally. Exercise is a great way to accomplish personal goals and understand how capable you truly are, and it would be awesome to be able to motivate and encourage you to be your best! I am a Human Nutrition and Dietetics major and I am passionate about health and fitness.
I utilize functional fitness, full body workouts and circuit training to get the most work done in the least amount of time. I am certified in Martial Arts, have a black belt in Ketsugo Karate and was on active duty for 8 years in the Marine Corps Infantry.
I train using a variety of functional movements to prepare you for everyday tasks.  With our training, you will get out what you put in and more!  I am a Kinesiology major who enjoys water sports, cooking, and staying healthy and active.
My goal is to first understand what you need and then provide the environment and motivation for you to achieve your goals. I want to help you build the knowledge and confidence to change up your workout routine or to change your whole lifestyle.
I have been active in sports since I was 6 years old and have lots of experience in strength and cardio training. I am experienced in working with people with knee and shoulder limitations. I will motivate and push to get you to desired goals, and will work programs around your needs, goals or limitations!
If you are willing to put in the effort, I will do everything I can  to help you reach your goals. I know that getting fit can be discouraging at times, but I will be there for you the entire time, both as a trainer and a friend. I want you to not only be healthier and get in better shape, but also have fun while doing it.




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