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Outstanding Classified Award for Classified Employees:

The Classified Employee Advisory Council (CEAC) is soliciting nominations of Outstanding Classified Employees for the 2015 Classified Employee Recognition Award. CEAC believes that it is extremely important to recognize classified employees’ exceptional service and dedication to the University, and would like to raise the awareness of the campus community about the indispensable contributions that represented and non-represented classified employees make to the quality, diversity, and overall mission of the University of Maine.


You may nominate a Classified employee for this award using the form on the second page of this memo with at least three (3) letters of recommendation attached that describe your nominee’s actions, activities, and attitudes that set their job performance and contributions to the University community above normal expected levels.


The criteria each finalist must meet are as follows:

  • Is a current University of Maine Classified Employee
  • Has served the University a minimum of 3 continuous years (full or part-time)
  • Inspires others through dedication, commitment and work ethic
  • Maintains the highest level of professional service to the campus community, within their department(s) or areas of responsibility.
  • Has provided outstanding service to their University department(s)
  • Has, through their outstanding service, helped to create a better environment for employees, students and campus community.


After screening the nominations, CEAC’s Outstanding Classified Employee Selection Committee will notify one nominee. The finalist will be presented with an award and a cash stipend of $1000.00 at the University of Maine’s Employee Recognition and Achievement ceremony being held March 18, 2015.


If you would like to submit a nomination, please forward your current nomination to Melinda Pelletier, 201 Alumni Hall, Orono Campus, or via email at or through campus mail at Melinda Pelletier, 201 Alumni Hall. DEADLINE FOR ALL APPLICATIONS: Wednesday February 27, 2015

Nominate Here:


What is CEAC?

The Classified Employees Advisory Council (CEAC) provides a representative voice for University of Maine classified employees to establish rapport and maintain communication among classified employees, the administration and the University community as a whole.

The CEAC facilitates and sponsors opportunities for personal and professional growth and development for classified employees by allocating funds to enhance the skills, talents and career mobility potential of classified employees.


For more information, please see the CEAC By-Laws.

Professional Development Funds are available to classified employees to enhance personal growth, skills, talents, and potential career advancement. Please follow this link for information on how to apply.