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FAQs for Prospective Students - Program Pre-requisites


  • An undergraduate degree in science, mathematics, engineering, secondary science or mathematics education, or a closely related field.
  • At least one semester of undergraduate psychology (with a passing grade).
  • Students working toward certification must pass all required Praxis exams. (Students may be admitted conditional upon passing this exam during their first year in the program, if other program prerequisites are satisfied.)

Physics and Astronomy concentration:

  • two semesters physics (PHY111/112 or PHY121/122 or equivalent),
  • one semester chemistry (CHY121/123 or equivalent), and
  • two semesters calculus (MAT126/127 or equivalent) are required, all with a grade of B or better.

Earth Sciences concentration:

  • two semesters geology (GES101, GES102 or GES105 or equivalent), and
  • one semester of college-level chemistry (CHY121/123 or equivalent) are required, all with a grade of B or better.

Mathematics concentration:

  • two semesters calculus (MAT126/127 or equivalent), both with a grade of B or better.


  • requirements for two of the concentrations above must be met.

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