The Central Supply Remote Order Entry System login is located at


You will need to enter your Customer ID (In most cases this will be the 2 letter department code from the old purchasing system.), your User ID, and Password.





Enter a person’s name in the ‘Issued To’ field.


Click the binoculars next to ‘Account Nbr’ to see a list of PeopleSoft chartfields. You must make a selection from the list by clicking the blue chartfield link. If you do not find the chartfield you wish to use please contact Central Supply to have it added. (581-2701 or


The ‘Job Number’ field is for use by Facilities Management only. Please do not use this field.


Enter the ‘Deliver To’ address. (Please include building room number.)


Click ‘Save’.
















You may enter Notes or Delivery instructions which will appear on the issue receipt. After entering click ‘Save’.





Review the information listed. If it is correct, click ‘Add Line’ to begin selecting your items.

‘Edit Instructions’ will enable you to change your Notes.

‘Edit Header’ will enable you to change the information listed.





Select your search option by the information you know. (Currently we are only using Item number and Description.)

If you choose to search by description, be sure to change the search criteria appropriately (eg ‘contains’ or ‘starts with’) you may search for an item by entering a complete or partial description.

After entering your information click ‘Search’.







Results from the search on 80-52.

Click on the item number to select.




You are shown the details on your selected item.

‘Order Item’ will add it to your order.

‘Back’ will take you to the item finder.




When you select ‘Order Item’ you will be prompted for a quantity. Please be sure to check the ‘Per’ so that you order the correct amount (eg paper may be sold per REAM and not per CASE)

Enter Qty to Order. If you are requesting more than Qty Available, the balance will be shipped at a later date.




You may continue to add lines, review order summary, and edit as necessary. When you have finished adding items click Place Order.





When you click ‘Place Order’ it is immediately sent to Central Supply to process. You will be unable to edit it.




Click ‘OK’





This is your completed order.

You may place another order by clicking ‘New Order’.

To print a copy of this order click ‘Print Order’ (You will receive a copy when the order is delivered.)