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Conferences and Tours

researcher presents on a field tour

As part of the CFRU’s mission to disseminate the latest research to stakeholders and policy makers alike, it stages periodic conferences and tours on a variety of topics.

Upcoming Events

  • CFRU LiDAR Workshop

    2014 Workshop For Resource Managers and GIS Users of CFRU Member Organizations

    January 22, 2015

    LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) is an emerging technology that has the potential to revolutionize the way we do forestry. This workshop will feature presentations on the operational application of the technology by staff from JD Irving & Leading Edge Geomatics in New Brunswick. Dr. Doug Pitt, from the Canadian Wood Fire Centre, will present a case for the rapid payback of investment using the case of large industrial landowner in Ontario. There will be a discussion of new research directions and applications of LiDAR to solve operational problems. Joe Young, with the Maine GeoLibrary, will discuss opportunities to leverage CFRU landowner/manager support to attract public funds to acquire LiDAR in Maine.

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    Past Events


      CFRU Spruce Budworm Workshop

      2014 Fall Workshop For Foresters and Managers of CFRU Member Organizations

      October 30, 2014

      Learn the latest information about the science and management of the coming spruce budworm outbreak. This workshop will bring North America's leading SBW experts together to share the latest information about the SBW. Following a review of what we learned from the 1970s-80s outbreak, topics will cover current status of SBW populations in Maine and Canada, an overview of the ongoing early intervention program in New Brunswick and Quebec, and a review of the operational SBW control program in Quebec.  Of particular interest to attendees will be discussion about the newly drafted SBW strategic plan for the State of Maine.  The workshop will wrap up with a panel discussion on how to deal with the SBW threat now and into the future.

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      Overstory Removal and Advanced Regeneration: Challenges and Opportunities

        2013 Fall Field Tour

        October 10, 2013

        This tour will focus on the challenges and opportunities facing managers when planning harvest entries in shelterwoods or final overstory removal. In Maine it can be a challenge to effectively and economically remove the merchantable timber. There are opportunities to promote and protect advaced regeneration in the understory. We will visit several landowners in the Nicatous/Duck Lakes region. Research results will be presented on logging costs and productivity, regeneration recruitment following commercial thinning, and the control of undesireable species.

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        Moose Density and Forest Regeneration

        2012 Fall Field Tour

        October 18, 2012

        This is a joint tour with the Maine Chapter of The Wildlife Society and will be held on Plum Creek property on the east side of Moosehead Lake. Moose are an iconic species in Maine and are both economically and ecologically important to the North Woods. However, where moose density is high, browsing can negatively impact forest regeneration. There will presentations from biologists, scientists and land managers.

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          Early Commercial Thinning Research Site Visit

          May 24, 2012

          Join us to discuss post harvest stand condition, biomass retention, and operational challenges at the Summit Township Early Commercial Thinning project site. Meet and park at 12 PM at the boat launch on Route 2 across from the Greenfield Road (Gazetteer 33D4).

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          Capturing Value Through Thinning

          2012 Spring Forester's Workshop

          May 16, 2012

          This biennial event is geared towards foresters, operations managers and planners who are making decisions about thinning activities. Presentations in this workshop will highlight results from several CFRU thinning research projects and some from away, while providing an industry perspective towards maximizing the value from these operations.

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          Early Commercial Thinning Research Site Visit

          November 14, 2011

          This is an opportunity to discuss preliminary findings of post harvest assessment and biomass retention implications at the Summit Township project site. Meet and park at 1 PM at the boat launch on Route 2 across from the Greenfield Road (Gazetteer 33D4). University vans will provide transportation to the project site.

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          Managing Maine's Future Forest: The Spruce Budworm 'Sea of Wood'

          2011 Fall Field Tour

          October 27, 2011

          This tour will explore the key management issues facing CFRU members with the 'Sea of Wood' that is coming from spruce budworm era stands established in the 1970's and 80's across northern Maine. Hosted by Plum Creek Timber, this year's CFRU Fall Field Tour will feature a visit to the Austin Pond Study site that was established by CFRU in 1977.

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          Maine's Bioenergy Marketplace: What You Need to Know

          2010 Fall Field Tour

          October 7, 2010

          This year's tour will consist of presentations highlighting various aspects of the growing bioenergy marketplace in the State of Maine. It will also include a tour of the Old Town Fuel and Fiber Facility, which is on the cutting edge of developing biofuels generation technology.

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        • Research Forum: Lessons from the Past - Research for the Future

          2010 Spring Forester's Workshop

          May 20, 2010

          This research forum is geared for all employees of CFRU member organizations. This latest installment of our biennial workshop will highlight the most recent results from several CFRU research projects, in an effort to get the best information to the practitioners who manage Maine's forest.

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        • Spruce Budworm: What's Past is Prologue

          2009 Fall Field Tour

          October 29, 2009

          The CFRU will hold its annual meeting and fall field tour for its members this October. This year we will focus on spruce budworm and its effects on our past, present and future forest in this combined forum and field tour. All CFRU members are encouraged to join us for this event.

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        • Northeastern Forest Health Field Workshop 

          June 3-5, 2009

          The CFRU, U. Maine's School of Forest Resources, the Maine Division of the Society of American Foresters and the Maine Forest Service recently co-sponsored this meeting to discuss and investigate ways to manage Maine's forests with forest health in mind. About 50 forest researchers, pathologists, entomogolists, silviculturists and managers convened at Schoodic Education and Research Center and in the woods of Downeast Maine. The workshop was a terrific success and participants came away with a better understanding of how to integrate forest health issues such as beech bark disease, white pine blister rust, and spruce budworm, into forest management to mitigate risk. Many thanks go to our CFRU member hosts - Black Bear Forest (American Forest Management) and Maine Bureau of Parks and Lands.

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        • The 4th Biennial Eastern Canada - United States (ECANUSA) Forest Science Conference

          October 17-18, 2008

          The northeastern United States and eastern Canada share a vital and common link to the northern forest. In addition to strong economic dependence, people of the region derive considerable recreational, aesthetic, and ecological values from this forest. The future of the region clearly relies upon the sustainable management of this highly valued forest resource. The 4th biennial ECANUSA conference brought together over 140 participants from all over the northeast United States and eastern provinces of Canada. The conference boasted 56 oral presentations, 37 posters and a half-day field tour. We look forward to the next ECANUSA in 2010 in Edmunston, New Brunswick.

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        • Lynx on the Landscape: What you need to know

          2008 Fall Field Tour

          October 28, 2008

          This combined workshop and Fall Field Tour presented recent findings from CFRU research on past, present and future landscape-scale lynx habitat. We visited field sites on member lands to discuss the stand-scale implications of this research, revisited ideal lynx habitat and talked about ways to implement lynx habitat at various scales. This event brought together over 35 forest managers wildlife biologists and scientists from around Maine. Thanks to the Greenville American Legion Hall for hosting a great event.

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        • CFRU Forester's Workshop - Bridging Science and Stewardship May 14, 2008

          Our biennial workshop is to communicate the latest results from CFRU research to the forest practitioners of Maine. We get all our cooperators together and spend the day learning from CFRU scientists. About 90 foresters and managers attended this year's workshop! Thanks to the folks at Jeff's Catering for being great hosts. 

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        Archived Events