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Current Projects

Katahdin view


The CFRU provides a wide range of applied research projects that benefit forest managers of Maine. CFRU researchers have produced over 475 research articles, reports, and guides since 1976. Moreover, several long-term research sites are an integral component of the Unit's program. Over the last 30 years, CFRU's efforts have resulted in tremendous progress in the ability of forest managers to grow trees efficiently while mitigating impacts on wildlife and biodiversity.

Based largely on the results of a research priorities survey of CFRU Cooperators, current projects consist of silvicultural research designed to improve strategies for commercial thinning, understand how forestry practices affect long-term forest growth, and provide better growth & yield models to better understand future wood supplies. Research is also underway that will result in better information about the influence of forest management practices on wildlife habitat, including protecting marten and lynx.