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Archived Conferences and Tours

researcher presents on a field tour

The long and rich history of the CFRU has led to a variety of conferences and field tours to transfer CFRU research to our members, policy makers and the public.

Archived Events

  • Munsungan Deer Wintering Areas Workshop

    December 10, 2007

    Scientists, resource managers, policy makers and others got together for this full day workshop devoted to the science behind managing winter habitat for whitetail deer. Presentations included biological background of deer, nutrition dynamics, landowner approaches to deer management and case studies of deer management programs. Nearly 100 people attended. This event iwas jointly sponsored by the CFRU and the Center for Research on Sustainable Forests (CRSF) and the CFRU.

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  • Deer Wintering Areas: Common Ground for CFRU Members
    October 10, 2007

    CFRU group at Round Pond

    CFRU Group at Round Pond below Chamberlain Bridge

    This full day field tour addressed science and management issues surrounding deer wintering area management in Maine. In an effort to continue to contribute scientific understanding about the impacts of forest managemetn on wildlife species in Maine, the CFRU discussed options for research and the common deer management challenges that our members share. We visited examples of deer management on the lands of three of our Cooperators. About 40 foresters, wildlife managers and scientists attended this field tour and workshop.

  • Coop Exchange: Forest Nutrition Coop Tour of Maine
    July 30 - August 2, 2007

    CFRU Scientists got together with scientists from the Forest Nutrition Coop to share our research, exchange ideas and show off the great state of Maine. CFRU Scientists will travel to Virginia in October to learn about FNC research.

  • Fall Field Tour: "The White Pine Resource" - October 5, 2006

    CFRU Advisory Members gathered to learn more about managing Maine's white pine resource.  As the state tree, white pine plays a vital role in our forest economy. Cooperators toured and discussed management at the University Forest in Old Town and then took a tour of the Robbins Lumber white pine mill and forest lands in Searsmont.

  • CFRU Workshop: "Research, Results and the Resource" - May 25, 2006

    This CFRU workshop will highlight the results of forest research since the last workshop in May, 2004. Foresters from all around Maine will gather in Orono to learn about new findings from the CFRU. CFRU Scientists will present research on broad subjects such as using marten as a landscape planning tool, understanding the ecology of hardwood competition and reducing windthrow mortality in commercial thinning.

  • Fall Field Tour: "55 Years of Long-term Research on the Penobscot Experimental Forest"- October 20, 2005

    This year the annual Fall Field Tour was a great success with over 40 participants going out to the Penobscot Experimental Forest (PEF) in Bradley, Maine. As it was the CFRU's 30th anniversary year the tour highlighted some of the long-term forest research that is done at the PEF. Participants toured CFRU silvicultural and wildlife habitat research projects as well as several studies being conducted by the USDA Forest Service in conjunction with the University of Maine.

  • Fall Field Tour: "Forest Management for Conservation Objectives”

    This tour took place in the Clayton Lake/TNC St. John area on Oct. 27-28, 2004. The objective was to review sites and hear presentations on the following topics: “Lynx habitat requirements”; “Managing late-successional hardwood stands”; “Using the Late Successional Spruce/heath community”; “Managing for unique natural communities”; “Using patch retention as a tool for conserving biodiversity”

    Presenters included representatives of Maine’s Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife, Huber Resources, the Nature Conservancy, and the Manomet Center for Conservations Sciences.

  • Ashland Workshop: "Managing for Fiber Production, Wildlife Habitat, and Biodiversity: Latest Results from CFRU Research"- May 12, 2004

    In an effort to communicate CFRU research findings to the state's foresters, the CFRU held a results-focused workshop in Ashland. More than 70 foresters were in attendance to hear how about CFRU findings and to learn new ways to implement the results of forest research into their planning.  Topics included the effects of partial harvesting on wildlife habitat, commercial thinning, the effectiveness of buffers to protect stream temperature, and managing for late-successional forest characteristics.

  • 2002 Eastern CANUSA Forest Science Conference

    The objectives of this biennial conference are to 1) educate forest managers, wildlife managers, policy makers, natural resource students, and interested members of the public about the latest results from scientific research on Maine's forest, 2) promote communications and collaborations on common forest resource issues between natural resource managers and researchers in Maine and the eastern Canadian provinces, 3) promote communications and collaborations among forest and wildlife scientists in Maine and eastern Canada about the latest research problems, methods, and results, and 4) provide a forum for graduate and undergraduate students working on forest-related problems in the eastern US and Canada to present their research findings, meet other forest scientists and students working on similar problems in the region, and become educated about regional forest resource issues.

    The conference is hosted alternately by the University of Maine and University of New Brunswick. The University of Maine hosted the first conference on October 19-20, 2002. Five keynote presentations, over 50 oral presentations, and over 40 poster presentations were delivered to more than 200 participants during the one and half day meeting. The presentations covered four theme areas: 1) silviculture and forest production, 2) ecology and wildlife, 3) forest management, planning, and policy, and 4) wood products and forest operations/engineering.

    The CFRU was a co-sponsor of the 2002 conference. The next conference is scheduled for 2004 and will be hosted by the University of New Brunswick.

  • Hardwood Silviculture Field Tour

    This workshop and field tour, held on September 27-28, 2001, considered hardwood management topics including precommercial thinning considerations, effects of past harvesting practices and silvicultural treatments on stand development, species composition, and stem quality changes, and site quality evaluation methods. The workshop was sponsored by the Cooperative Forestry Research Unit Hardwood Silviculture Subcommittee, Henry W. Saunders Professorship in Hardwood Silviculture, The Maine Hardwood Association, and University of Maine.

  • Forestry and the Riparian Zone

    This conference was held October 26, 2000. Its was jointly hosted by the Cooperative Forestry Research Unit, University of Maine and Manomet Center for Conservation Sciences. The conference brought together scientists, forest managers, the environmental community, and others interested in forestry practices in the riparian zone for a state-of-the-art discussion about this topic as it relates to Maine’s forests. Leading experts from the Northeastern US, Canada, and other US regions shared their knowledge and research results. A proceedings was published from the conference.