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About CFRU

Research Team

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Associate Director

Brian E. Roth

Post-Doctoral Research Scientist

Mohammad Bataineh

Administrative Assistant

Cynthia J. Smith


Cooperating Scientists

Current Project Scientists

  •   Peter Pekins, Professor, Wildlife Ecology -University of New Hampshire
    Chris Hennigar, Research Scientist - The University of New Brunswick
    Thom Erdle, Assistant Dean - The University of New Brunswick
      Angela Fuller, New York Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit
      John Kershaw, Director of Graduate Studies - University of New Brunswick
      David MacLean, Dean - University of New Brunswick
    Erin Simons, Post-Doctoral Researcher - The University of Maine

Current Graduate Students


Project Title

David Mallett Spatial Responses of Canada lynx to changing hare densities
Sheryn Olson Seasonal Variation in Snowshoe Hare Spatial Ecology with Implications for Canada Lynx in Managed Forests
Patrick Hiesl Harvest Productivity and Costs in Maine
Steve Dunham Patch Occupancy, Habitat Use, and Population Performance of Spruce Grouse in Commercially Managed Conifer Stands
Ben Rice Improved sampling methods and growth & yield models for partially harvested stands


Past Graduate Students



Project Title

Patrick Hiesl, MS

Productivity standards for whole-tree and cut-to-length harvesting systems in Maine


Patrick Clune, MS

Growth and Development of Maine Spruce-Fir Forests Following Commercial Thinning


Andrew Nelson, PhD

Production ecology and stand dynamics of young Acadian forest stands in response to silvicultural intensity and compositional objectives


Matthew Russell, PhD

Modeling individual tree dynamics in the mixed species Acadian Forest


Joseph Pekol, MS

The influence of commercial thinning on stand- and tree-level mortality patterns of balsam fir and red spruce forests in Maine that have or have not received pre-commercial thinning

Andrew Nelson, MS

Spatial Ecology and Compositional Management of American Beech and Sugar Maple Regeneration in Maine


Christopher Zellers, MS

The Growth, Yield, and Financial Performance of Isolated Eastern White Pine (Pinus strobus L.) Reserve Trees


Kate Zellers, MS

Patterns of Regeneration of Eastern White Pine (Pinus strobus L.) as Influenced by Large Isolated Reserve Trees and Precommercial Thinning


Shonene Scott, MS

Spatio-Temporal Dynamics of Snowshoe Hare Density and Relationships to Canada Lynx Occurrence in Northern Maine


Charles Coup, MS

A Case Study Approach for Assessing Operational and Silvicultural Performance of Whole-Tree Biomass Harvesting in Maine


Christopher Guiterman, MS

The Influences of Conventional and Low Density Thinning on Leaf Area, Growth, and Growing Space Relationships of Eastern White Pine (Pinus Strobus L.)

Erin Simons, PhD

Influences of Past and Future Forest Management on the Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Habitat Supply for Canada Lynx and American Martens in Northern Maine


Philip Hofmeyer, PhD

Ecology and Silviculture of Northern White-Cedar (Thuja occidentalis L.) in Maine


Angela Fuller, PhD

Influence of Forest Practices on Sub-Stand Scale Habitat Selection and Movements of Canada Lynx


Michael Saunders, PhD

Dynamics of Forest Structure under Different Silvicultural Regimes in the Acadian Forest


Philip Hofmeyer, MS

Silviculture and Ecology of Northern White Cedar


Justin DeRose, MS

Leaf Area Index - Relative Density Relationships in Even-Aged Abies Balsamea - Picea Rubens Stands in Maine


Dawn Opland, MF

Projected response of spruce-fir forests to commercial thinning in Maine


Spencer Meyer, MS

Leaf Area as a Growth Predictor for Red Spruce and Balsam Fir in Managed Stands in Maine


Darlene Siegel, MS

A Comparison of the Ecological Integrity of Headwater Streams Draining Harvested and Un-Harvested Watersheds in the Western Mountains of Maine, U.S.A.


Jessica Homyack, MS

Effects of Precommercial Thinning on Select Wildlife Species in Northern Maine, with Special Emphasis on Snowshoe Hare


Howard Daggett, MS

Long-Term Effects of Herbicide and Precommercial Thinning Treatments on Young Spruce-Fir Stands: The Austin Pond Study


Cristin O’Brien, MS

Factors Affecting the Regeneration of Red Spruce and Balsam Fir


Suzhong Tian, PhD

Condition and Development of Root Systems of Balsam Fir and Red Spruce in Precommercially Thinned and Unthinned Stands


Richard Cobb, MS

Role of soil functional processes as regulators of ecosystem net primary productivity and as keystones of soil quality: Weymouth Point Study


Jeffrey Hepinstall, PhD

Marten as a Tool for Landscape-Scale Habitat Planning in Northern Maine


Angela Fuller, MS

Influence of partial timber harvesting on American marten and their primary prey in northcentral Maine