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What’s New

fall foliage along river

Potential Spruce Budworm Impacts and Mitigation Opportunities in Maine 

This final report documents spatial and temporal characterization of historic population levels and defoliation severity for the 1970s-80s spruce budworm outbreak in Maine.  The analysis then projects and future spruce-fir wood supply impacts if this scenario was to repeat itself given several mitigation strategies.

Modeling the Influence of Forest Structure on Microsite Habitat Use by Snowshoe Hares 

Snowshoe hare is an important prey species in Maine and this study examined within-stand (microsite) forest structural characteristics that promote high use by hares. Silvicultural practices that create dense areas of conifer and deciduous saplings should receive high within-stand use by hares in winter.

Effectiveness of State Regulations to Protect Deer Wintering Habitats in Maine 

This study evaluated the effectiveness of zoning to protect wintering habitat for white-tailed deer across commercially managed forestlands in northern Maine.  Results indicate that current stand and landscape conditions will likely not meet deer management objectives and expanded zoning would be extremely costly to landowners, with uncertain future benefits for deer and general forest biodiversity.


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