Taxonomy of the Monoblepharidomycetes





                                    Harpochytriaceae Wille emend Emerson & Whisler

                                                Harpochytrium Lagerheim

                                                            H. hyalothecae Lagerheim

                                                H. adpressum Scherffel

                                                H. apiculatum Pascher

                                                H. botryococci Jane

                                                H. hedenii Wille

                                                H. intermedium Atkinson

                                                H. monae Jane

                                                H. natrophilum Hortobágyi

                                                H. tenuissium Korschikoff


                                    Oedogoniomycetaceae D.J.S. Barr


                                                            O. lymnaeae Kobayashi and Ookubo


                                    Hyaloraphidiaceae (algal family; new fungal family needed)

                                                Hyaloraphidium (algal genus described by Pascher & Korsikov 1931)

                                                            1H. curvatum Korsikov


                                    Gonapodyaceae H.E. Petersen ex P. Kirk et al. 2001

                                                Gonapodya Fischer

                                                            G. prolifera (Cornu) Fischer

                                                G. polymorpha Thaxter


                                    Monoblepharidaceae Fischer

                                                Monoblepharis Cornu

                                                            M. sphaerica Cornu

                                                M. hypogyna Perrott

                                                M. macrandra (Lagerheim) Woronin

                                                M. laevis Sparrow

                                                M. polymorha Cornu

                                                M. fasciculata Thaxter

                                                M. insignis Thaxter

                                                M. bullata Perrott

                                                M. regignens Lagerheim

                                                M. ovigera Lagerheim

                                                M. micrandra2 Sparrow


                                Monoblepharella Sparrow

                                                            M. taylori Sparrow

                                                M. elongata Springer

                                                M. mexicana Shanor

                                                M. laruei Springer

                                                M. endogena Sparrow


1For placement in the Monoblepharidales see: Forget, L. Ustinova, J., Wang, Z., Huss V.A., Lang, B.F. 2002. Hyaloraphidium curvatum: a linear mitochondrial genome, tRNA editing, and an evolutionary link to lower fungi. Mol. Biol. Evol. 19: 310-319.


2 I have noted that Sparrow’s description of the sizes and morphology falls entirely within the extremes of M. polymorpha.  Representatives with various-sized reproductive structures need to be isolated and studied molecularly.

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