University of Maine Lobulomycetales  See: Simmons, D.R. et al. 2009. Lobulomycetales, a new order in the Chytridiomycota. Mycological Research 113:450—460.

   Lobulomyces angularis (type)
   Lobulomyces poculatus
   Clydea vesicula 
   Maunachytrium keaense

Lobulomyces poculatus (Willoughby & Townley) Simmons
Note single rhizoidal axis and isodiametric rhizoids that branch at a distance from the developing zoosporangium; the rhizoidal base can occasionally be seen when L. poculatus is growing on spruce pollen as in the lower left photo. Typical of this species is a "ghostly veil" composed of shed pieces of wall. In the lower right photo a new thallus is developing from a zoospore remaining within the parent zoosporangium.

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