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The  Graduating Non-Traditional Student Achievement Award recognizes graduating non-traditional students who have shown a passion for learning, a commitment for their academic program, and contributed significantly to the university community while managing the multiple life roles of a non-traditional student. Students are nominated by friends, faculty, or staff in late spring semester. Winners are chosen by Student Affairs staff and awarded in late April or May.

Graduating Non-Traditional Student Achievement Award408556_10201118965086871_2015933265_n

Nicole Golden-Bouchard,

Mark Brunton

 Dora McCarthy



2012 : Kelly Gagne,  Lucas Rumler,  and Lori Watson

2011:  Jason Canniff

2010:  Kathleen O’Connell, Lee Malvin, Christine Paluga and Erinn Rossignoll

2009 : Darith James, Meghan McPhee, and Valerie J. Mitchell.


NEW IN 2013
Non-Traditional Student Community Award

Linda Bradford

Recognizing  Faculty and Staff

CNTSP and the Non traditional Student Association ( NSA)  recognizes faculty and staff  for their extraordinary support and encouragement of non-traditional students

AnneMarie Reed,
Associate Director , Campus Activities and Student Engagement, CASE

2012 :
Tina Passman Associate Professor, Classical languages & Literature, Interim Director of Peace Studies,   Cooperating faculty  for Community Inclusion and Disabilities Studies
Ann Smith , Instructor and Director of Disability Support Services
Eva Wagner ,Educational Coordinator , University of Maine Museum of Art

Jane Wellman-Little , Phyllis Brazee, The Senior Alumni

2009 :
Sandra Caron, Kathy Ingraham, and Ginger Hwalek.

This award recognizes UMaine faculty and staff members who have shown sensitivity to the diverse learning styles and the multifaceted lives of non-traditional undergraduate students. Through student interactions and program design, they recognize the rich contributions that non-traditional students make. They have provided support, assistance and advocacy for the non-traditional students at the University of Maine. Faculty and staff are nominated by students in late spring semester. Winners are chosen by CNTSP staff and active members of the Non-traditional Students Association who have not submitted a nomination.