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    Commuter Chronicle Logo Chronicle
    Issue 19       |       News & Views for Commuters and Non-Trads      |      February 2009    
Student Spotlight: Krista Ricupero
     Student, employee, mother, wife. Can you balance all these roles? How do you prioritize? These are questions graduate student Krista Ricupero deals with on a daily basis. As a senior completing her undergraduate degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering, she gave birth to Anna, her daugher, then continued on toward her masters in the water resources program.
     How has her six-year experience been at UMaine? "Busy, it's always been very busy," she says. Even before she had a family, she participated in cross-country and track, and worked in a lab on campus.
     We asked her what life is like for a student who is also a mother. She says, "Well, I think it would be difficult to talk about being a mother and a student without also talking about my husband [Lee] who is a student and a father. He and I have been partners in this throughout.” She says it would have been a lot more difficult to do alone.
     How does she balance her multiple life roles? Krista likes to cook, so when she's home, she turns that into time she can also share with her daughter by teaching Anna how to do things like peel garlic. Cooking their own meals and bringing them to campus is also a way they save money. In addition, they walk more often than drive, turning that into family time as well. You may have seen Krista or Lee with Anna snuggly held in a sling walking around campus, or all of them jogging together as a family. Despite that, Krista thinks something in your life is going to take a hit. There were many days she walked home from school at 5AM after working all night, so she could spend the day with her family. They recently moved in with a friend who is also their babysitter and that has proven to help tremendously. “I think that for those who don’t have friends nearby, or grandparents nearby, or someone to help out with childcare, when they are commuter students, it becomes extremely challenging to get everything done.”
     What does she plan to do after she graduates in May? “First of all, take a couple of months off. It’s been a very demanding program." She loves to run, so she also plans to train for a marathon. After that, she hopes to find half-time work, even though she knows that may be difficult in the engineering world. Her career is important to her, but she doesn't see working 40 to 60 hours as an option.
     So, what's her advice to others who are feeling they are so busy they don't have time for themselves? She suggests taking advantage of the free counseling on campus. "You can go the counseling center and say, 'I’m having a really hard time' and you have someone who will just listen to you for an hour and that’s great." They can remind you there’s a light at the end of the tunnel and that it's OK to take a little time for yourself every day. Krista says, "Me, I like to run, so I run the two miles between home and campus when I can. It’s not always easy, but it’s helping me a lot right now."
     Krista will be part of a panel discussion on Promoting Life-Work Balance in a World That Values Neither. This is part of the Women in the Curriculum/Women's Studies Program Spring Lunch Series and will be held in the Bangor Room of Memorial Union on February 4 from 12:15-1:30PM. There is no fee.

Good Luck to applicants for the
Donald V. Taverner ‘43 Non-Traditional Student Scholarship

The application deadline is Feb. 6.

The Senior Alumni (University of Maine alumni who graduated 50 or more years ago) select 15 to 20 new undergraduate scholarship recipients each year.  Part-time students receive $500 and full-time students $1,000.  Awards are renewable for eligible recipients -- no reapplication is needed. New and renewed scholarships combined assist about 40 students each year.

For more scholarship information, check the “Nontraditional Student” conference on FirstClass.
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Here's What's Coming Up:

Learn about commuter meal options.
Feb. 4
GLBT Services

Learn about resources for the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered community.
Feb. 11
Student Legal Services

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Feb. 25
Financial Aid

How do the current economic troubles affect your ability to stay in school?
Coming February 13, 14, and 15, 2009—
Family & Friends Weekend!
* Cheer on the men’s and women’s ice hockey on Friday.
* Saturday morning, visit the Craft Fair in the Memorial Union, then later enjoy the UMaine spring musical Side Show.
* Sunday, visit the Jordan Planetarium for spectacular sky shows.
* The UMaine bookstore will be open Friday and Saturday and offering 20% off all UMaine clothing and insignia gift items.

For more information and a complete schedule of events, visit—
Emergency Warning System

UMaine's emergency warning system is designed to provide immediate notice, through a text to your cell phone, of health and safety concerns, adverse weather conditions, and other emergencies. Notification via e-mail is also available. To sign up, visit—
Speaking of Financial Aid!
It's Time to Submit Your FAFSA

Don’t forget to complete and submit your Financial Aid application on This is a FREE application and must be done every year in which you hope to receive aid. The financial aid office recommends you file by Feb. 15 to meet the March 1 deadline.
First Friday Bagels

Picture of coffeeJoin us the first Friday of every month in the Commuter Lounge for juice, bagels, and coffee beginning at 8AM. The next First Friday Bagels will be held Feb. 6.
Nontraditional Students Association

The NSA represents all nontraditional students. For more information, visit
Off-Campus Board

Congratulations to Anthony Feldpausch on his election to president of the OCB. The OCB is a representative board of the Student Government and represents all students who live off-campus.

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