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Commuter Chronicle Logo Chronicle
Issue 21       |       News & Views for Commuters and Non-Trads      |      April 2009
Student Spotlight: Jennifer Bailey
Picture of Jen and AsypenOur student spotlight this month lands on Jennifer Bailey, a non-traditional student who loves to do poi. Poi is a form of dancing combined with juggling. You can use socks with a weight in the end or a length of rope with a ball on the end which can be lit on fire. You can see Jen doing poi in her YouTube video.

Jen is a single parent and in her fourth year of the Landscape Horticulture program at UMaine. She has lived in Maine all her life, except for two short stints in Florida and California. One her favorite places in the world are the forests of the Sequoia sempervirens (California Redwood) and Sequoiadendron gigantea California Redwood forests.

When asked how she balances family life with school, Jen says, "Just focus on one thing at a time." She adds, "Everyone does the best they can with what they have." When asked how she deals with stress, it's not surprising to learn that poi and hula hooping are her favored forms of stress relief. Plus, they are activities she can share with her nine-year-old daughter, Aspyn.

We asked her what's the most difficult part of going to college and she says it's probably trying to find time to be involved in both her daughter's extracurricular school activities and her own.

Being in the Roger Clapp greenhouse is her favorite part of college. She has worked part-time in the greenhouse for the past two years and spent one summer working in the greenhouse and Lyle Littlefield gardens where she will also be working this summer. The greenhouse may be her favorite spot, but she also finds the Commuter Lounge a great place to relax, eat lunch, do a little studying, and socialize a bit.

Her favorite class so far is either Greenhouse Management with Dr. Burnett or Plant Propagation with Dr. Smagula.

Her daughter thinks it's great her mother is going to college, but sometimes gets frustrated with the schedule, especially when they have to deal with evening classes or class trips where mom has a week or less to schedule a babysitter. Both mean long days and scheduling difficulties for mom and a disrupted schedule and babysitter for Aspyn.

After graduation, Jen is thinking about grad school, but she eventually wants to own her own greenhouse and nursery.

What to Consider for Off-Campus Housing

Picture of Apartment Location: Are you close to work, campus, bus line, bank, grocery, laundromat? Who are your neighbors?
Roommates: How will you share expenses, cooking, cleaning, bathrooom time? How will you handle conflicts?
Costs: Length of the lease? What's included in rent: snow removal, electricity, heat? Cost of utilities not included in rent? Will you want Internet or cable? Is a security deposit required? Will you need to purchase furnishings and household goods?
Other Considerations: If you'll be bringing pets, are they allowed? If you're a smoker, is smoking allowed? Is there sufficient parking? Where and when is garbage pickup? Is the property owner generally available?
Renters Insurance: Renters insurance is an important consideration to cover the cost of your personal property in the event of a disaster like flood, fire, or theft. Check with your insurance agent to make sure you are covered for personal property and liability.

and FirstClass Conference
Student Resources > Housing > Roommates_and_Apts

The conversations in the Commuter Lounge are sometimes enlightening, often engaging, now and again intelligent, at times funny, occasionally shocking, but almost always interesting. It seemed selfish not to share. We hope you enjoy these snippets of recently overheard conversations in the Commuter Lounge.
Say What?
- Overheard in the Lounge -

It seems at least one lady who lugs a heavy backpack wasn't talking about looking for dust bunnies when she said, "Oh, I'll get in there with a flashlight." This group of ladies were discussing steps they take to insure safe sex and one was adamant about inspecting the goods before consenting to the event.

You never know who will be nearby. One colorful student who said, "Don't get sheep, their horrible!" happened to do so within hearing of a normally boring student who took offense at the comment because she had raised sheep for many years. An informative conversation followed between several students about animals suitable for a hobby farm.

An animated discussion regarding lack of holiday celebration in schools went on in the lounge with a well-known babysitter (of a certain cute little girl who also visits the lounge) as different students came, stopped to grab a coffee and share their thoughts, and went. This was a great discussion with strong opinions on both sides. Some students thought celebrating nothing was depriving everyone of holiday fun and education about various cultures. Other students insisted that it wasn't fair unless you could celebrate everything.


Last Week of Classes

Monday, April 27 through Friday, May 1

The Totman Room will be available for study from 8AM-8PM
Picture of Studying

Finals Week

Monday, May 4 through Friday, May 8

The Coe Room will be available for study from 8AM-8PM
Congratulations Nontrad and Commuter Grads

CNTSP and the Nontraditional Students Association (NSA) congratulate the over 200 non-traditional students graduating in May.

Family Room

4rd Floor Hannibal Hamlin Hall
Open 9AM to 5PM, Monday Through Friday

We are planning to clean and decorate this room as a Maine Day service project on Wed., April 29.
Service projects are generally done between 9AM and noon. We'll do some cleaning and painting (simple murals or maybe stripes) and decorate with any posters or prints that are donated. If you have donations for the room (prints, toys, etc.) or would like to help with this Maine Day project on Wed., April 29, contact Barbara Smith at:

A quiet, family-friendly, private, space.

Comfortable couches
A small refrigerator
Wireless access for your laptop

Locker Rentals

Spring semester is coming to an end. CNTSP wishes you success in the last weeks of classes and finals.


Before the semester ends, clean out your locker, return your key, and pick up your $5 key deposit. This must be done by 4PM on Friday, May 8, the last day of finals week, or you will forfeit your key deposit.

All lockers will be cleaned out. Lockers are NOT available for rent over the summer. For next semester, you may rent a locker starting at 8AM on the first day of classes. Please see any of the CNTSP staff in the Commuter Lounge to return your key and collect your deposit.
Picture of LogoNontraditional Students Association

The NSA represents all nontraditional students. For more information, visit
Picture of LogoOff-Campus Board

The OCB represents all students who live off-campus. For information, contact Anthony Feldpausch on First Class.

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