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2010 State Conference Posters

World Views and Knowledge to Action in Sustainability Science

Maine Sustainability Solutions Initiative (MeSSI): Sustainable Urban Regions Project

Analysis of Alternative Futures in the Maine Landscape Using Spatial Models of Coupled Social and Ecological Systems

Exploring a Coupled Social/Biological Spatial Model for K-12 Outreach

Adaptation Strategies in a Changing Climate: Maine's Coastal Communities and the Statewide Stakeholder Process

Fine-scale Dynamics of Human Adaptation in Coupled Systems: Adaptive Agent-based Modeling of Fisheries

Maine Tidal Power Initiative: Linking Knowledge to Action for Responsible Tidal Power Development

Linking Knowledge to Action Systems: Creating Solutions-Oriented Partnerships for a Sustainable Future in Maine

Sustaining and Restoring Urban Streams in Maine

Mobilizing Diverse Interests to Address Invasive Species Threats: The Case of the Emerald Ash Borer in Maine

Decision tools to support water resources sustainability of managed lake systems

Research on the Research (RoR): Putting the Interdisciplinary Puzzle Together

Improving Small-Scale Forest Policy & Management through Social Learning and Modeling

Faculty Conceptualizations of Interdisciplinarity: Research on the Research for Maine's Sustainability Solutions Initiative

Persuaded by the Status Quo: The Role of Economic Stress in Persuasiveness of Environmental Messages

Risks of Increased Firewood Use in Hancock County

Developing Our Energy Future: The Use of Firewood and Pellets for Heating in Hancock County

Linking Knowledge with Action: Refining Maine's Mercury Fish Consumption Advisory


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