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NSF EPSCoR Annual PD/PA Meeting
May 16-17, 2011
Washington, D.C.

Communication: Key to Partnerships, Multidisciplinarity, and Synergy

Welcome and Introductions                     Henry Blount, Director, EPSCoR

                                                              Cliff Gabriel, Acting Director, OIA

NSF: The Path Forward                         Cora Marrett, Senior Advisor, OD

People and the Planet                              Tim Killeen, Asst. Dir., GEO

Building an Innovation Ecosystem            Tom Peterson, Asst. Dir., ENG

in the Academic Community


Educating for STEM Innovation               Joan Ferrini-Mundy, Asst. Dir., EHR

Partnerships, Practices, & Possibilities

A Brace of Budgets: FY2011-FY2012   Martha Rubenstein, Dir. & CFO, BFA


Cyberinfrastructure for 21st Century        Alan Blatecky, Dir., OCI

Science & Engineering


On Point with OIA: Integrated NSF        Cliff Gabriel, Acting Director, OIA

Support Promoting Interdisciplinary

Research and Education (INSPIRE)


EPSCoR Interagency Coordinating         Denise Barnes, Sen. Staff, EPSCoR

Committee (EICC)


Communicating Science to the Public:      Jeff Nesbit, Director, OLPA

A Retrospective


EPSCoR Update                                    Henry Blount, Director, EPSCoR


Science: Becoming the Messenger           Denise Barnes, Sen. Staff, EPSCoR

Joint EPSCoR/OLPA Workshops          Susan Mason, Group Leader, OLPA


Highlights: Communicating Outputs          Jeanne Small, Prog. Dir., EPSCoR

and Impacts                                            Denise Barnes, Sen. Staff, EPSCoR

Documenting Outputs and Outcomes:      Jennifer Schopf, Prog. Dir., EPSCoR

Tracking EPSCoR Impacts on

Research Capacity


Building Research Capacity through         Uma Venkateswaran, Prog. Dir.,         

Co-Funding: EPSCoR as Partner            EPSCoR 


High Plains Computing: Opportunities      Bill Gern, Wyoming EPSCoR

at the National Center for Atmospheric    Rich Loft, NCAR

Research (NCAR) Wyoming                 

Supercomputing Center


National Conference Update                   Peter Goodwin, Idaho EPSCoR

                                                              Rick Schumaker, Idaho EPSCoR


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