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In Memoriam

Peter Archambault
March 24, 1939-May 17, 2015

PeteratFACsign copy
Peter at the Centre, 1984.
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Peter’s Beau-Frog first appeared in the Mai 1976 FAROG Forum. And from there Beau-Frog had a voice, a relationship with Belle-Frog, issues and struggles. Peter graced the FAROG Forum with his many drawings and caricatures. He was a gifted and talented artist we will be forever grateful for the extensive collection of his work located here at the Franco-American Centre. We are saddened that he did not get to see the book of his collected works published. He was very excited about it. We remain hopeful that it will be completed soon. A gallery of his work is available online as part of the Centre’s Franco-American Archives.

His obituary appeared in the Bangor Daily News.

Left to right: Jim Bishop, Yvon Labbé and Peter at the Centre, 1984.


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The University of Maine Office of Franco-American Affairs was founded in 1972 by Franco-American students and community volunteers. This office subsequently became the Franco-American Centre. The purpose of the Centre has been to introduce and integrate the Maine, regional, and United States Franco-American fact in post-secondary academe and in particular the University of Maine.

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Le Bureau des Affaires franco-américains de l’Université du Maine fut fondé en 1972 par des étudiants et des bénévoles de la communauté franco-américaine. Cela devint par conséquent le Centre Franco-Américain. Dès le départ, son but fut d’introduire et d’intégrer le fait franco-américain du Maine et de la région dans la formation académique post-secondaire et en particulier à l’Université du Maine.

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