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Welcome to General Chemistry

Fall 2014

Lab starts the first week of the semester.

Please attend a Safety and Orientation Session during your lab period in 316 Aubert Hall for afternoon labs (2 PM) and in 227 Aubert Hall for the morning lab (10 AM).

You will be checked into lab at the end of this session.

InterChemNet® Access Packets are available in the bookstore.


Course Materials:

CHY 121 textbook:  Chemistry The Molecular Science, 4th edition, Moore, Stanitski, Jurs. Published by Brooks/Cole, Cengage Learning.

The bookstore sells a bundled, loose leaf version that includes access to OWL, the online homework program, Essential Algebra for Chemistry Students, and Survival Guide for General Chemistry with Math Review

OWL is also available separately in the bookstore as well as online. Please note that the CHY 121 textbook is also available in a number of different formats including hardcover, softcover/paperback, loose leaf, and eTextbook versions.

CHY 123 and 124 Lab:  Labs meet starting the first week of classes. The first meeting includes a mandatory safety and course orientation session and lab checkin. The lab will start in room 316 Aubert for afternoon labs and room 421 Aubert for morning labs, and move to your lab for checkin.

In order to set up your lab account, you will need to purchase an access packet for the general chemistry lab courses. This is only available in the University Bookstore: Chemistry: InterChemNet® Access Packet (for CHY 102, CHY 123, and CHY 133 courses).

If you  experience difficulty with creating your ICN account  (e.g. ICN barcode), please contact