Insurance Information

Health Insurance Policy for Graduate Assistants, Fellows, and Trainees 

Students are considered Graduate Assistants, Fellows, or Trainee if they receive a combination of at least two of the following: a stipend, insurance benefits, or tuition waivers.

If you are uncertain whether you are a Graduate Assistant, Fellow or Trainee, please contact the Graduate Coordinator for your program.

Affordable Health Care Act - Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) will be an automatic charge on graduate student accounts for students enrolled for courses full-time.  To waive out of SHIP click here.  NOTE: Graduate assistants, fellows, and trainees are NOT eligible for SHIP.

PLEASE NOTE: Claims for the dental expenses as listed in the brochure (dental exam, cleaning, x-ray, wisdom tooth removal and dental injury) should be mailed directly to Consolidated Health Plans, 2077 Roosevelt Ave., Springfield, MA 01104. All other claims should be submitted to Cigna at the address listed on the student ID card.


Academic Year 2015-2016


For Graduate Assitants Waiving Out of the GA/TA Health Insurance

DOMESTIC: Go to the following link to download the insurance waiver form.  Students with private health insurance must submit this form OR a photocopy of the card to ensure they will not be enrolled in the University's health insurance plan.  Submit the waiver form or copy of the card to or fax to 207.581.3232.

INTERNATIONAL: Go to the Office of International Programs for waiver form.


Additional Information

For questions on UM policy coverage contact Consolidated Health Customer Service at 1.800.633.7867

For questions regarding insurance claims contact Lisa Farrington:
Phone number: 1.800.537.6444 

For questions on SHIP, go to Cross Insurance