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2013-2014 Award Recipients Announced

The University of Maine Graduate School is pleased to announce the following award recipients for the 2013-2014 academic year.

Chase Distinguished Research Assistantship (CDRA)

Heather Arnett Ecology and Environmental Science
Patricia Dieter Clinical Psychology
Alyssa Freitag Marine Biology
Adam Kosan English
Hengshan Li Spatial Information Science and Engineering
Linda Markowsky Computer Science
Zhong Pan Civil Engineering
Paul Pluta Quaternary and Climate Studies
Daniela Veliz Education
Rebecca White History

Maine Economic Improvement Fund (MEIF) Fellowship

John Bell Interdisciplinary Ph.D.
Melanie Blumentritt Forestry
Christian Richard Functional Genomics
Stefano Vendrame Food and Nutrition Science
Yunhui Wu Electrical and Computer Engineering

University of Maine Dissertation Research Fellowship (UMDRF)

A Message from Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs & Provost, Dr. Susan Hunter

Dear Graduate Students,

Please read the attached letter from University of Maine Provost Susan J. Hunter. I would also like to recognize your excellence and add my deep appreciation for all you do to benefit the University, the State, and beyond.

Best wishes,

Dan Sandweiss

Dean and Associate Provost for Graduate Studies

Assistant Professor of English Dylan Dryer Receives Braddock Award

Posted on Thursday, March 21

Assistant Professor Dylan Dryer, of the English Department, has received the Braddock Award from the Conference on College Composition and Communication. The CCCC is the largest organization in the world devoted to theory, research, and instruction in college-level writing. The Braddock Award is given annually to the best article published in the organization’s flagship journal, College Composition and Communication. An appointed review team carefully considers the dozens of peer-reviewed articles published in the journal during the previous year, and then decides which one rises above all the others in its intellectual, scholarly, and expressive excellence. Acceptance into the journal is extremely competitive, but the Braddock Award is a mark of even greater excellence, one that instantly brings visibility to its recipient and has an important impact on his or her career.

Dr. Dryer was the first faculty member in residence in Stodder Hall and held that position for more three years. He has also led the Thesis and Dissertation Studio for graduate students since Spring of 2010. The Studio is a UMaine Graduate School and College of Liberal Arts and Sciences-supported program that engages small, interdisciplinary groups of graduate students in structured peer review and feedback on drafts of their Thesis or Dissertation projects. 

Submission Deadline for GradExpo2013 is Extended!

In an effort to better serve the graduate student community, we have decided to push back the submission deadline for GradExpo2013 by one week. The electronic submission form will remain active until March 8th.

Additionally, due to a large number of requests, we will be allowing students to present in any of the traditional categories (Oral, Poster, Intermedia), though only presentation one will be considered for cash prizes.

Remember, in addition to their other presentations, all graduate students may ALSO participate in the PechaKucha competition. All PechaKucha participants are eligible for cash prizes in addition to anything they win in their traditional categories. More info on the PechaKucha competition can be found here:

Please see the Grad Expo Website for more information about all categories, or email Charles Rodda:

A Message from the GSG Vice President Regarding the GradExpo


On behalf of the University of Maine Graduate Student Government, I am pleased to announce the 2013 UMaine Graduate Student Exposition. Over the course of two days - 28-29 March, 2013 - graduate students from all disciplines will present their research, artistic works, projects and collaborations. In addition to competing for thousands of dollars in cash prizes and recognition for their work, students will be able to interact with representatives from industry and government. This exposition will coincide with the unveiling of the University of Maine’s new Innovative Media, Research and Commercialization Center. The building will be open to the public during the Expo, and graduate students and faculty will be present answer questions and demonstrate the features and facilities housed in the new center.

As in years past, the GradExpo will feature disciplinary sessions with poster and oral presentations featuring students in the Physical Sciences & Technology, Natural Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences. Graduate student artists at the University will be presenting InterMedia art projects, fine art works and performances.

We are excited to announce that we are requesting submissions for several new interdisciplinary sessions that have been added to the GradExpo this year. These sessions will feature research focused on Canada and Canadian-Americanism and on the culture, science and policy of the Gulf of Maine.

Presentations will include traditional short oral presentations and poster sessions, as well as innovative art installations, informal slide-shows and the PechaKucha competition where students from every discipline will present their work in a rapid-fire talk and slide show lasting less than seven minutes. Winners from other campus competitions will be announced at the Expo as well.

Spring Thesis Workshop

Join Dottie & Crystal from the Graduate School on Monday, February 25th from 1-3pm or Tuesday, February 26th from 2-4pm in the Graduate Commons of Stodder Hall for an informative session about how to format your thesis or dissertation!  They will be covering the same information on both days and will focus on common mistakes along with samples of what to do.  Please email the "Thesis Workshop" folder in FirstClass  or with the session you plan on attending and your current degree program to register.  Call 207-581-3291 with any questions.

Graduate School Solicits Nominations for 2013-14 Graduate Fellowships, Assistantships, and Scholarships

To: Department Chairs, Graduate Coordinators, and Administrative Assistants
From: Dean Sandweiss and Associate Dean Delcourt
Date: January 15, 2013
RE: Open Nominations for 2013-14 Financial Awards

The Graduate School is currently accepting nominations for competitively-awarded fellowships, assistantships and scholarships for the 2013-14 academic year (see HERE for 2013-2014 Award Nomination Guidelines ). The nomination deadline for the fellowship and assistantship awards is February 8, 2013, and thenomination for scholarships is March 1, 2013. All nominations must be submitted by the graduate program coordinator via the Graduate Schoolwebsite. Graduate Coordinators will need to create an account, and apply for a "faculty" role in order to access the e-nomination forms. If there are any questions, please send an email to and Crystal will assist you.

Information about the Financial Awards is also available on the Graduate School website within the Faculty Hub. Faculty members will need to create an account ( to view this information, if they have not done so already.

GSG Hosts "Job Search Tools and Etiquette" Workshop

The Graduate Student Government is hosting a workshop on Friday, January 25th from 1-3 p.m. in 57 Stodder Hall titled: "Job Search Tools and Etiquette: Preparing for Non-Academic Careers". 

Career Advisors from the UMaine Career Center will cover the tools and skills necessary to compete in today's job market and will answer questions such as:

What is the difference betweeen a CV and a resume?

What resources do I use to find a non-academic job?

How and when do I negotiate benefits and salary?

How can I be assertive without being pushy?

What are the essentials of a 30-second elevator pitch?

The Career Center Staff will also review student's resumes and CVs.

To register please either call 581-3472 or email by January 20. 

Grad Student Photo Contest Announced

The UMaine Graduate School solicits photo submissions for the first Graduate Student photo contest. The contest is open to all UMaine graduate students and will include prizes for 1st place ($100), 2nd place ($50), and 3rd place ($25) in each of three categories: grad student life, grad student research, and grad student teaching. Submissions are due on Monday, March 18, 2013.  For more information, see the guidelines and submission information.  

Guidelines & Submission Information

Photo Contest Application

Photograph Release Form

Thesis Workshop: Bring Your Laptops

Join Dottie & Crystal from the Graduate School on Tuesday, October 23rd from 4-6pm or Wednesday, October 24th from 2-4pm in the Graduate Commons of Stodder Hall for an informative session about how to format your thesis or dissertation!  They will be covering the same information on both days and will focus on common mistakes along with samples of what to do.  Please email the "Thesis Workshop" folder in FirstClass  or to register.  Call 207-581-3217 with any questions.

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