Students in the Spotlight

  • Ashley Hellenbrand, MS Student in Chemistry, Receives Third Prize for Poster at Conference

    Posted February 4, 2014

    Master of Science in Chemistry student Ashley Hellenbrand presented her research at the 2013 International Conference on Wood Ashesives in Toronto, Canada, where she won third prize and $100 for her poster “Formaldehyde Emissions from ‘Native Wood’”. Hellenbrand is a member of the Wood-Based Composite Center at Virginia Tech, an organization that brings industry and universities together to work on projects collaboratively and to solve or understand major issues. Her research on formaldehyde emissions is “an important topic because the government has been setting levels of emissions so low that ‘native’ wood itself will surpass the emission levels. Major players in the industry would like to know now much “native" wood emits naturally, what the conditions are that produce the most emissions and what is the best mechanism to monitor emissions.”

  • Master of Civil Engineering Student, Rachael Joyce, Manages Local Business on the Side

    Posted January 28, 2014

    Rachael Joyce is a graduate civil engineering student who also co-manages and -owns Volition Ski Co. with her fiancé, Christopher Bagley. They hand-make skis out of environmentally friendly materials which are sold online, at Ski Rack Sports in Bangor, and Side Country Sports in Rockland. The company was born from Joyce and her fiancé’s hard work, creativity, and an investment from the Maine Technology Institute. Joyce also works full-time at the Maine Advanced Structures and Composites Center on a team developing offshore wind technology, including the system currently being tested off the coast of Castine, ME. She said of her involvement in off-shore wind and the ski company, “My hope is that new industry flourishes as a result of the work being done at the Composites Center. On a smaller scale, I hope that maybe other entrepreneurs see what we are trying to do at Volition Ski Co. and be encouraged to pursue their own venture.”

    The Bangor Daily News recently published a story on Joyce from the perspective of keeping young, innovative individuals living in Maine. To check out that story, please go here.

  • Eight UMaine Graduate Students Present Research at the 2013 ACSUS Biennial Conference

    Posted December 9, 2013

    The University of Maine was well represented by eight graduate students at the 2013 Association for Canadian Studies in the United States Biennial Conference in Tampa, Florida November 19th through the 23rd. UMaine grad students presented six papers while four other students served on a panel for a round table discussion with two UMaine faculty. See the list below for participant contributions.

    Papers presented:

    Bad Men and Horrible Bosses: Masculinity and the Folksongs of Larry Gorman
    Ian J. Jesse, Ph.D candidate, History Department

    Freedom, Slavery, and the Evolving Understanding of Race British Abolition: A Nova
    Scotian Narrative, 1825-1835

    Gabriel Lévesque, Ph.D candidate, History Department

    Two Brownstowns Two Nations: The “Faulty Memory” of a Few Small Skirmishes in North America
    Joseph Miller, Ph.D candidate, History Department

    The Rhetoric of Boundary Confrontation: Demagogues, Banditti, and the 'alarming state
    of things' in New Brunswick, 1838-42.

    Michael T. Perry, Ph.D candidate, History Department

    The Evolution of Acadian Identity in Song
    Elisa Sance, M.A. candidate, Department of Modern Languages and Classics

    “You Are What You Eat”: Cookbooks and Women’s Identity, 1812-1860
    Rachel A. Snell, Ph.D candidate, History Department

    Round table panel:

    "Canadian History at the University of Maine: New Thematic and Interdisciplinary

    CHAIR/DISCUSSANT: Scott W. See, University of Maine
    Joseph Miller, Ph.D candidate, History Department
    Ann Morrisette, Ph.D candidate, History Department
    Michael Perry, Ph.D candidate, History Department
    • Dr. Stefano Tijerina, History Department
    Rebecca White, PhD candidate, History Department

  • GSG President and MS in Human Development Student Jeffrey Falvey Selected to Present at National Conference in Washington, D.C.

    Posted November 25, 2013

    Graduate Student Government President Jeffrey Falvey was selected by Bacchus, the National Peer Education Network, to present at the National Conference in Washington D.C. on November 16th. A grad student in the MS in Human Development program, Jeff coordinates a student group of undergraduate athletes, Athletes for Sexual Responsibility, who peer educate around the Orono campus on an array of sexual health topics relating to college student's daily lives. He presented alongside his fellow graduate classmate, Spencer Wood (MS student in Human Development), who coordinates a similar spin-off group called Male Athletes Against Violence. As a former student-athlete at the University of Maine, Jeff takes great pride in being able to influence current student-athletes to become more active members of their community in such a positive light.