Students in the Spotlight

  • History doctoral student, Stefano Tijerina,received a Doctoral Student Research Award from the Canadian Embassy

    Posted May 22, 2009

    History doctoral student Stefano Tijerina has received a Doctoral Student Research Award from the Canadian Embassy to support archival research in Ottawa on the historical developments behind the construction of Canadian-Colombian relations during the government of Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau (1968-1984). Doctoral Student Research Awards offer doctoral students an opportunity to conduct part of their dissertation research in Canada. The program is intended for full-time students at accredited four-year colleges and universities and whose dissertations are related in substantial part to the study of Canada. This year, two awards were given to environmental topics, one to research on immigration and one (Tijerina) on Canadian foreign policy. For more information on the award please go here.  

  • Doctoral Student, Amanda Shearin Featured in New York Times

    Posted May 15, 2009

    Research by UMaine wildlife ecology professor Cynthia Loftin, doctoral student Amanda Shearin, and recent doctoral graduate Emily Schilling is featured in a New York Times story. Loftin, Shearin, Schilling and others are researching the ecosystems of fishless lakes, which are "becoming increasingly rare" but are scattered around Maine. Shearin received a Maine Ecomonic Improvement Fund (MEIF) summer research fellowship from the Graduate School in 2007. Schilling was the recipient of two University Graduate Research Assistantships from the Graduate School.

  • Doctoral students in Oceanography, Michael Sauer and Margaret Estapa receive NASA Earth and Space Science Fellowship


    Michael Sauer                                                              Margaret Estapa

    Posted May 15, 2009

    Two University of Maine Oceanography graduate students received NASA fellowships last year. Doctoral candidate Michael Sauer received a $30,000 NASA Earth and Space Science Fellowship to create a more accurate calculation of the amount of chlorophyll in the water using optical equipment, sensors and data from Gulf of Maine Ocean Observing System (GoMOOS) buoys. Doctoral candidate Margaret Estapa is studying the release of carbon from mud delivered from the Mississippi River to areas along the Gulf Coast.

    For more information see: "How Green is the Gulf"

  • Brenton Murray, a Master of Business Administration student, receives 2009 Active Citizenship Award in Community Service

    Posted April 24, 2009

    Brenton Murray, a Master of Business Administration student is the recipient of the 2009 Active Citizenship Award in Community Service from the Bodwell Center for Service and Volunteerism for his charitable work most notably in organizing a UMaine chapter of Habitat for Humanity.  Dr. Nory Jones nominated Murray for his leadership in many fundraising events around campus and has been quoted saying "he consistently demonstrates qualities of dedication, leadership, teamwork and a commitment to helping society."  To see the full story from UMaine News, please click here