2013-2014 Award Recipients Announced

The University of Maine Graduate School is pleased to announce the following award recipients for the 2013-2014 academic year.

Chase Distinguished Research Assistantship (CDRA)

Heather Arnett Ecology and Environmental Science
Patricia Dieter Clinical Psychology
Alyssa Freitag Marine Biology
Adam Kosan English
Hengshan Li Spatial Information Science and Engineering
Linda Markowsky Computer Science
Zhong Pan Civil Engineering
Paul Pluta Quaternary and Climate Studies
Daniela Veliz Education
Rebecca White History

Maine Economic Improvement Fund (MEIF) Fellowship

John Bell Interdisciplinary Ph.D.
Melanie Blumentritt Forestry
Christian Richard Functional Genomics
Stefano Vendrame Food and Nutrition Science
Yunhui Wu Electrical and Computer Engineering

University of Maine Dissertation Research Fellowship (UMDRF)

Nathan Briggs Oceanography
Katharine Ruskin Ecology and Environmental Science
Kristin Strock Ecology and Environmental Science

Thurgood Marshall Scholarship

Malado Ba Business Administration
Kittra Gonzales Food Science and Human Nutrition
Anjanette Tucker Social Work

Trustee Tuition Scholarship

Jennifer Bankie Global Policy
Rachel Binder-Hathaway Business Administration
Maurice Burford English
Shengen Chen Electrical and Computer Engineering
Sarah Cunningham English
Margo Diamond Higher Education
Kristen Elliot Communication Sciences and Disorders
Beth Fulton Food and Nutrition Sciences
Christoffer Gowesky Global Policy
Alison Keane Business Administration
Esra Kiziltas Forestry
Noah Oppenheim Marine Biology/Marine Policy
Alise Ranalli Communication Sciences and Disorders
Garrett Randolph Social Work
Jennifer Suave Clinical Psychology
Nicole Tibaldi Music
Fuyu Xu Spatial Information Science and Engineering