GradExpo 2014 Winners

The Graduate Student Government and Graduate School are pleased to announce the award recipients for the following awards: 

President’s Research Impact Award: Spencer Meyer

Innovation Award: Spencer Meyer

Provost Teaching Award

1st Place:  Rebecca White

2nd Place: John Bell

3rd Place: Matthew McEntee

Mentoring Award

1st Place: Brittany Cline

2nd Place: Agnes Taylor

3rd Place: Kara Lorion


Grad Videography Award:

Hari Prasath Palani


Grad Photography Awards

Graduate Student Life Category

1st Place: Eva Manandhar

2nd Place: Brett Lerner

3rd Place: Corey Cole

Graduate Student Research Category

1st Place: Amy Pierce

2nd Place: Timothy Godaire

3rd Place: Robin Arnold



1st Place: Theodore Wilhite

2nd Place: Amy Pierce

3rd Place: John Bell



1st Place: Julie Riley

2nd Place: Amy Pierce

3rd Place: Jessica LeClair



Arts & Humanities

1st Place: Rebecca White

2nd Place: Nataliya Shpylova-Saeed

3rd Place: Ian Jesse


Natural Sciences

1st Place: Brianna Hughes

2nd Place: Anna Breard

3rd Place: Maureen Correll


Physical Sciences & Technology

1st Place: Razfar Mojtaba

2nd Place: Panduka Piyaratne

3rd Place: Silas Owusu-Nkwantabisah


Social Sciences

1st Place: Hollie Smith

2nd Place: Kourtney Collum

3rd Place: Addie Pelletier



Arts & Humanities

1st Place: Hari Prasath Palani

2nd Place:John Bell

3rd Place: Bethany Engstrom


Natural Sciences

1st Place: Luke Groff

2nd Place: Donna Kalteyer

3rd Place: Julia McGuire


Physical Sciences & Technology

1st Place:  David Pearson

2nd Place: Supamon Singkankachen

3rd Place: Merida Batiste


Social Sciences

1st Place: Theodora Ruhs

2nd Place: Tyler Quiring

3rd Place: Steve Hutchinson


Alumni Award: Lauren Thornbrough