September 2012 - Student of the Month - Corey Butler

Corey Butler, a Master of Education in Instructional Technology student is the September 2012 Graduate Student of the Month.

Graduate School: Where are you from originally?

Butler: I’m from Lebanon, Maine; a small and quiet town on the New Hampshire border.

Graduate School: What undergraduate institution(s) did you previously attend?

Butler: My undergraduate degree is also from UMaine, in New Media.

Graduate School: Why did you choose to attend UMaine?

Butler: UMaine was the only undergraduate school I applied to, despite having the opportunity to go to more competitive schools. I fell in love with the atmosphere and the location. I wasn’t interested in looking anywhere else after I took a tour of UMaine. 

Graduate School: What degree program are you pursuing?

Butler: Master of Education in Instruction Technologies.

Graduate School: What are your plans after graduation?

Butler: I intend to pursue a professional career in computer administration and professional development at a University, maybe even UMaine or in the University of Maine System.

Graduate School: What do you consider your most important accomplishment here so far?

Butler: As a graduate assistant for the College of Education and Human Development one of my responsibilities is supporting all of our distance education courses. This means communicating with the students and finding video conferencing sites in their areas, training faculty, and maintaining

 the equipment at our own local sites. 

Graduate School: What is the highlight of your academic experience so far?

Butler: It’s tough to say, my capstone for my undergraduate degree was something I’m still to this day very proud of. I created and hosted a peer-to-peer file sharing network for the legal distribution of creative commons and public domain images and videos. 

Graduate School: What is your favorite place on campus?

Butler: The IT Help Center in the basement of Shibles Hall, where I also work. I’ve been there for many years now, and even though it’s a job, it’s like a second home to me and I’m very fond of all my coworkers. 

Graduate School: What awards or other significant recognition (both on or off-campus) have you received since beginning your degree program?

Butler: Being asked to represent the Instructional Technologies program at the Graduate Student Fair and discussing the program to potential students was quite an honor.

Graduate School: What other important information about yourself would you like us to know?

Butler: I played in the pep band for a year and also was a DJ for a punk radio show on WMEB for 2 years. I’m also an event photographer and as such I work for the Bear Brew Pub and have been contracted to do events for Student Government before, like when the music artist Girl Talk was here a couple years ago.