Alper Kiziltas, Doctoral Student in Forest Resources, Receives Scholarship from the Society of Plastics Engineers

Posted October 15, 2012

Forest Resources Doctoral student Alper Kiziltas received a scholarship from the Society of Plastics Engineers’ Automotive and Composites Division for his plans to study the potential use of natural fillers to make automotive plastics. Kiziltas plans to explore the use of fillers such as wood flour, hemp and flax as replacements for materials like glass and carbon fibers in thermoplastics. Kiziltas conducts his research at the University of Maine’s Advanced Structures and Composites Center and if he “is able to prove that thermoplastics with natural fillers can stand up to the stresses of higher heats without degrading, they could replace some materials used in ‘under-the-hood applications.’… the commonly held belief is that natural materials could be used only in thermoplastics with a low melting point, but his early research has shown otherwise.” Kiziltas will report on his research to the Society of Plastic Engineers in September of 2013. To read the Bangor Daily New article on Kiziltas, please click here