Bess Koffman, Doctoral Student in Earth Sciences, Receives National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship Award

Posted December 3, 2012

Doctor of Philosophy in Earth Sciences Student Bess Koffman recently received a National Science Foundation postdoctoral fellowship award. Her research will, “test the hypothesis that young soils from New Zealand were a significant source of dust to the Southern Ocean and hence West Antarctica during the Last Glacial Maximum.” Next June, she will begin work at Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University and at Cornell University, investigating the role of New Zealand dust in global climate during the Last Glacial Maximum. The project will take place over the course of two years, and will include field work in New Zealand, geochemical analysis of samples from New Zealand and Antarctica, and a global climate modeling component. In 2012 Koffman also received: first place in the Oral Presentation division of the Grad Expo, under the Physical Sciences and Technology category, for her presentation Winds of Change: Ice Core Evidence for the Role of the Southern Hemisphere Westerly Winds in Regulating Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide; the Teaching Assistant Award from the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Assessment; and the University of Maine Dissertation Research Fellowship. For more information on Koffman’s NSF award and research, please go here.