Doctor of Philosophy in Interdisciplinary Studies Student, Ana Cecilia Mauricio, Featured in Peruvian Newspaper

Posted September 26, 2012

Ana Cecilia Mauricio, a Doctor of Philosophy in Interdisciplinary Studies student, was featured in an interview published by El Comercio, Peru’s leading newspaper. Mauricio teamed up with another Peruvian graduate student from Yale University to organize the first conference on the Lima culture of the first millennium A.D. The newspaper called the two students, “a new generation of archaeologists, trained in (Peru) with foreign doctorates, who bring a new vision to carry out their work and understand a country as complex as Peru.” Mauricio was recently awarded a prestigious National Geographic Society Waitt Grant. According to the National Geographic website, “The National Geographic Society/Waitt Grants Program funds projects that require venture capital, supporting exceptional projects while foregoing a time-consuming peer-review process.”