Master of Arts in Global Policy student, David Slagger, Runs for Governor of Maine

Posted June 13, 2013

David Slagger, student in the Master of Arts in Global Policy program, is running for governor of Maine in 2014. He is the first announced candidate for the Green Independent Party’s nomination and recently spoke at the party’s annual convention in Belfast. Slagger has a strong history in Maine politics and was the first representative of the Maliseet Indian tribe to the Legislature when he took office in January 2011. He has also run for House District 22 seat as an independent in an effort to take a more active role. He says of his run for governor, “I am running because I want our state to be the first in the energy fields (tidal and off shore wind) and information technology. I want companies to want to come to Maine because of our dedicated work force and strong history of independent, hard workers. I want Maine graduates to be able to work in Maine as a state that pays a wage comparable or in excess of other states.”