Master of Forestry Student, Kristin Peet, Named Biologist of the Year by the Native American Fish and Wildlife Society

Posted November 19, 2012

Kristin Peet, a student in the Master of Forestry program, was named the biologist of the year by the Native American Fish and Wildlife Society in May. Peet has been the big-game biologist for the Penobscot Indian Nation in Indian Island, Maine for seven years. Peet helps the Nation make management decisions regarding the big game species that live on the 130,000 acres owned by the tribe. Nominated for the award by the Penobscot Indian Nation’s Director of the Department of Natural Resources, Peet describes her time working with the Penobscots as eye-opening. She writes: “There’s a huge cultural component to what I do. I can’t look at this as just, ‘Biologically, this is what we need to do with the moose and deer herd. There’s all sorts of cultural aspects — spiritual aspects of hunting female animals, things like that. Scientifically it may make sense to hunt [in a given place] or hunt this number or this sex, but culturally that may not be the same thing.” To read the Bangor Daily News article about Peet, please go here.