Master of Science in Civil Engineering Student Md. Rakibul Hassan Khan Receives Fellowship to Present Research at Chilean Conference

Posted November 18, 2013

Md. Rakibul Hassan Khan is one of six students (one of three Master level students) in the world chosen to receive a Chilean-German fellowship to attend and present his research at the First Conference on Natural Resources and Development in Viña Del Mar, Chile on November 25-27, 2013. According to the website for the event, this conference will focus on, “food, water and energy security: integrated science for sustainability as an opportunity to connect the scientific and academic world to the governmental area and the private sector. The Conference aims to be a space to disseminate updated knowledge regarding the food, water and energy security in the frame of sustainability.” The conference is jointly organized by the Center for Natural Resources and Development; an international network created to involve different universities of the world in the Millennium Development Goals of the United Nations.
Khan will present his research on the development of robust decision tools that investigate water allocation policies to understand the policy expiration, trajectories of suboptimal allocation with respect to climate scenarios and prospect of adaptive policy. Khan said of his research, “The research explores the hydro-chemical and ecological linkages and their sensitivity within a watershed. The decision tools incorporate testing and development of hydrologic modeling tools coupled with climate model scenarios, integrated with decision analysis and visualizing tools to explore the hydrologic regimes, climatic changes and uncertainties.” Khan is advised by Dr. Shaleen Jain of the Civil Engineering Department.