UMaine Biomedical Science Student Amanda Favreau Published in Prominent Peer Reviewed Journals

Posted October 28, 2013

Amanda Favreau, Doctor of Philosophy in Biomedical Sciences student, has published multiple research papers since beginning her graduate studies at the University of Maine. Favreau has worked on a variety of research topics in her rotations in both Dr. Sathyanarayana’s and Dr. Vary’s labs at the Maine Medical Center Research Institute. Her own thesis research focuses on the role microRNA have in acute myeloid leukemia with the hope that by better understanding what, how, and why microRNA are being regulated, researchers will be able to create more successful therapeutic approaches for the disease. Her most recent publication as first author is a paper titled “CD44 Receptor Unfolding Enhances Binding by Freeing Basic Amino Acids to Contact Carbohydrate Ligand” in the September 2013 issue of Biophysical Journal. The research for this paper was conducted while she worked under Dr. Olgun Guvench at the University of New England. Favreau said of the paper, “This study utilized computational molecular dynamics to determine the structural binding of the cell receptor CD44 to its ligand/activator, the carbohydrate hyaluronan. Because CD44 is associated with various cancers, understanding how this protein-carbohydrate interacts will give better insight into the key components that small molecule inhibitors will need to block CD44 activation as a therapeutic.” During her studies, Favreau has also been first author on articles for the American Journal of Hematology in 2012 and in Leukemia Research in 2011.