Governance Memo to Graduate Faculty

To: Graduate Board Representatives
From: Dan Sandweiss, Dean and Associate Provost for Graduate Studies
RE: Certificate and Program Approval Process
Date: February 28, 2012

Recent events remind me that I have not brought up governance issues for a number of years.  With turnover in the Graduate Board, institutional memory has been lost.  I apologize for this oversight, which I will begin correcting with this message.

First, Graduate Board Representatives should be elected by their units.  I know there is often a field of 1, and I deeply appreciate your willingness to serve and your hard work.  Nevertheless, you should undergo the election exercise yearly in the unit you represent.  There are no term limits.

Second, concerning program and certificate proposals, units must follow appropriate governance procedures from start to finish.  This means that:

  • Proposals must be approved by your unit's internal graduate oversight structure.
  • The entire unit should be made aware of proposals and given an opportunity to discuss them internally.  Henceforth, proposals must be accompanied by a brief memo that outlines the internal review and approval procedure you have followed prior to unit head approval.  This memo must be signed by the Graduate Coordinator.
  • Completed proposals should be approved and signed by unit head(s) and responsible dean(s) before they are transmitted to the Graduate School.  We have developed a signature form for Graduate Certificates and will shortly produce one for degree programs.