New England Student Program & Canadian Tuition

New England Regional Student Program

Expanded graduate study opportunities are made available each year to New England residents through the New England Regional Student Program, administered by the New England Board of Higher Education. When a graduate program is not offered at a student’s home state institution, a qualified student may apply for enrollment at an out-of-state institution offering that program under the Regional Student Program. Depending upon the institution in which they enroll, students qualifying for study under the Program are charged either the institution’s resident tuition or an amount 50 percent above the resident tuition.

Typically, degree programs offered under the Regional Student Program are high-cost, specialized, professional programs such as forestry, oceanography, hydrology, occupational therapy, and pharmacology, although general areas of study also are offered.

Requests for detailed information should be directed to the graduate school of participating state universities. It is essential that students read the individual catalog, since degree nomenclature differs by institution. Application for enrollment is made directly to the institution, which has sole authority over admissions. Applicants must clearly indicate, both in their initial inquiries and on their application forms, that they are seeking admission under the terms of the New England Regional Student Program. Further information is available from the New England Board of Higher Education, New England Regional Student Program, 45 Temple Place, Boston, MA 02111, (617)357-9620.

Canadian Resident Tuition Rate

Residents of Canada are assessed reduced tuition equivalent to 50% above the Maine resident tuition rate for any course work taken as a graduate student at the University of Maine.