Refund Policy

Withdrawal from the University during the academic year:
  1. Tuition may be refunded in accordance with the scale and the provisions established by the University System, and available in the Bursar’s Office.

    a. Scale. Attendance period is counted from first day of class and includes weekends and holidays. The refund will be reckoned from the date on which the student notifies the Office of Student Records.

    b. Provisions:

  • In no case will tuition be reduced or refunded because of voluntary absence from classes.
  • Tuition adjustments attributed to involuntary absence (e.g., extended illness and military service) will be processed on a case by case basis.

2. Fees. University fees are not refunded.


Dropping Courses

Students will be given financial credit for courses which are dropped during the Add/Drop period. The Add/Drop period is only the first two weeks of the semester. Please note that the Add/Drop policy of two weeks is for courses that are 11 weeks or longer in duration.  For  Add/Drop policy regarding  courses that are less than 11 weeks in duration please see the chart on the Bursar's Office website for Sessions less than 11 weeks. No financial adjustment will be made to students' accounts for courses dropped after this period.  A comprehensive list of course drop and withdrawal refund policies is available from the Bursar's Office.