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IT Help Center
Phone: 581-2506

Computer Clusters

Union PhotographThe computer clusters' primary function is to be available for student, staff and faculty use. Users may choose either Windows or Macintosh systems. IT is actively engaged in providing the most current software available. The software provided follows the industry standards for word processing, spreadsheets, and presentation graphics. There are Consultants on duty at all times to offer support and answer questions. B&W printing is available, as is color scanning. These Public Clusters are located on the first floors of both the Memorial Union and Fogler Library. Questions can be directed to IT's Help Center at 581-2506 or 1-888-560-6280.

Internet Access Points

Library Lab PhotographInternet Access Points (IAPs) are small, 8-10 computer, clusters whose only purpose is to provide quick access to e-mail and the internet. IAP's are not meant to replace the public clusters, but to compliment them. These can be located within the IT cluster in fogler Library and in the Bumps Room on the second floor of the Memorial Union.

  Building Room (details)
E-mail Lounge Memorial Union Rm. 133
Commuter Lounge Memorial Union Rm. 228


CML Logo The Collaborative Media Lab in Fogler Library is open to the public.

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