28 Shibles Hall
Phone: 581-2500
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Media Services

We here at Medial Services provide A.V. equipment for classroom and departmental across the entire Campus. We also, in cooperation with the Faculty Development Center, provide support for classrooms equipped with such technology.

Equipment we can provide

  • Computer Projection Devices
  • Video Tape players
  • Color TV monitors
  • Video Projectors
  • Video Camera Slide Projectors
  • 16mm movie projectors
  • Audio Cassette Tape recorders
  • Over Head Projectors
  • Film strip projectors
  • Portable Screen Opaque Projectors
  • Slide/sync tape recorders
  • Public address systems

Other services we can provide

  • Cleaning of VCR decks

For more information, or to schedule equipment call 581-2500.

A listing of Media services across campus can be found in the Equipped Classrooms directory.

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