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Telecom: Authorization Codes

In order to place a long distance call, you must have a special authorization code. Department chairs can obtain long distance authorization codes for new employees by sending a letter to: Telecommunications Office, Neville Hall. Please include employee's name, campus address, phone number, and an account number for billing purposes and the level of calling you wish to allow, i.e. national, international. When an individual leaves the University or moves to a new department, their old authorization code must be canceled and a new code established.

A form accessed from this page can be used to submit a request for a long distance authorization code. It is important to make sure all information asked for is given. After you submit the form, you will receive a phone call to verify the information. Click Continue to access the long distance authorization code request form.

Questions regarding long distance authorization codes should be directed to:
Faculty/Staff: at +1 207 581-1605

Dialing Instructions

Campus Calls
1+4 digit ext. (1-XXXX)
Off Campus Local Calls
Long Distance In-State Calls
Long Distance Out-State Calls
8+1+(XXX) XXX-XXXX+authcode
Long Distance International Calls
8+011+country code+city code+number+#+authcode
Toll Free Calls
8+1+(800 or 888)+XXX-XXXX

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