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Telecom: Conference Calls

The Meet Me Conference allows up to 30 parties to call a predetermined 581 number at a specified date and time and automatically be conferenced together. This allows a conference call to be set up quickly, plus it saves time and money. Each individual participating in the conference pays the cost of their own call when they dial in. Because the connections are automatically made as each individual calls, this is a real time saver. The operator does not have to call each consecutive individuals while you wait for everyone to be connected.

The steps to arrange a Meet Me Conference are as follows:

  1. You must first check with the campus operator (dial 0) to schedule a day and time for your Meet Me Conference to take place. You will be asked for the estimated duration of the call and the number of participants. The operator will then give you the 581 number which your participants will call.
  2. Let your participants know the date, time and number to call.
  3. At the specified time each party dials this number and the calls will automatically be connected in the order they are received
  4. When the conference is finished, simply hang up.

NOTES: To start the Meet Me Conference, the first person to dial this special 581 number must be from the 581 exchange. A continual ringing will be heard until the second party calls in, then the call connects like any other call. As each additional party is connected, a one second tone is heard. The first person to call in must be the last person to hang up....when they hang up all connections are dropped.

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