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Telecommunications: Fax Services

The Telecommunications Office has a fax machine (+1 207 581-1604) available for use by UMaine faculty/staff/students.

Hours Available: Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Cost: The only charge incurred is the cost of the long distance call when sending a fax, there is no charge for incoming faxes. However, we do ask that you keep them under 15 pages. An individual may pay for the call by using a Calling Card, a pre-paid card, or by using a departmental long distance authorization code. IT no longer accepts cash or checks for faxes being sent. Faxes may be sent for cash at prining services in the Keyo building or at the information desk in the Union.

IMPORTANT: If you are a student or new on campus -- make sure to let us know you are expecting a fax and leave a number where we can contact you when the fax arrives. at +1 207 581-1600. Questions about our Fax service should be directed to Lorelei [dot] Kennedy [at] umit [dot] maine [dot] edu

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