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Telecom: Phone Types

The Telecommunications Office currently provides one telephone, the M3904. This phone is digital and requires a digital phone line. Analog lines are necessary for fax machines and modems as well as analog phones.

The M3904 has 12 display keys and other special purpose keys. It is self-labeling and has context sensitive soft keys. This is the replacement phone for the M2616, which is being phased out.


A Digital telephone should never be plugged into an analog telephone jack. Damage to the digital phone can result from doing this. Analog lines are required for modems, fax lines and analog phones and will not work if plugged into a digital telephone jack. Each phone line is programmed to match the actual phone set. Since the programming varies from phone to phone you cannot swap phones sets between jack locations. Departments are responsible for all phones placed in their areas. Any stolen or vandalized phone will be charged back to the department. Never spray any kind of liquid cleaner or water on your digital telephone. Doing so could result in damage and your department will be charged to replace the phone.

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